I can't even log today

DDOS attack, its what they said right? and what? that’s all your explaination? i mean is it supposed to last for long? a month? the whole years? … oh and about the SUPER 3 DAY PREMIUM GIFT that MUST BE picked before 02/09 23PM, … guess it would be cool for us to be allowed to log in order to get it.
since superhovercharged update this game is a big mess. and the way they are communicating with us is simply adding fuel to the fire for me ^^


Targem/Gaijin reminds me of the Wizard of Oz

No brain (common sense)
Figure after the first “DDOSS” incident they’d up the security and improve maintenance

No heart
To invest in their own game besides pumping out ways to get more rubles

No Courage
To spend some of the rubles they get from the player base to upgrade servers/security/proper maintenance


I have play a raid will mass of lag at the beginning. Then a battle with no issue. After that , I can’t start a battle…and have to give up. Oh, I did have to log in for 3 times.

Will try later.


Just try to play… lol … totally fun kind of unplayable!!


You guys do realize the developers do not have any control over the denial of service attacks, right? You do realize that they are the victims, right? They are losing their livelihood, and you don’t get to play with your little virtual toys. But please, continue to express how your lives have been disrupted by your toys being broken.


Concordo sono nuovo, gioco da due settimane non è facile capire bene tutto il gioco è suoi aspetti e poi essendo italiano non riesco a tradurre tutto. Capisco che non ci sia una grossa utenza italiana ma almeno tradurre le scritte menu vari avrebbe avvicinato anche noi poveri italiani sempre snobbati.

you can use this…

you dude realise its been YEARS many YEARS the servers are insanly broken? you do realise they barely even communicate with us? but please continue to express your wisdom to the few peasants in this topic you seems so smart and super friendly

I agree I’m new, I’ve been playing for two weeks it’s not easy to understand the whole game and its aspects and then being Italian I can’t translate everything. I understand that there isn’t a large Italian clientele but at least translating the various menu signs would have brought us poor Italians who are always snubbed closer too.

It does seem lazy on their part. I mean, Google translate is free.

Sembra pigro da parte loro. Voglio dire, Google translate è gratuito.

So sayeth the guy railing against victims of crime for having the audacity to be victims of crime.

Please, tell me more. I’m intrigued.

It is depending where you are and what internet connection do you have.
Low player base regions always suffer more. I don’t see Russians nor many EU players complain about it as much. I have no choice but to use wifi-internet and at times I did get cut off, until we had a new modem. The game is play-able to me at around 200ms ping. I can even play crossout with my 4G mobile, hotspot connection. It usually is better. I only get 20 to 30ms with that. But, I do not have unlimited data on that and last time I use my mobile phone as a modem killed my mobile.

Re : Roopoll I do agree with you. Too many people’s post are not worth our time and forum’s space. Nothing but whine about the game and people working behind it. I guess it is like most thing in the rest of the world, people would spend more time on it if they care about it, no matter it is in a supporting way or being very negative about it.

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I would have agreed with you if this was the first occurrence and if a good chunk of last year wasn’t ridden with lag/service interruptions but they then use the first DDOSS attack to cover for those issues, even though they started months before the first attack and consisted till after the “DDOSS” attack was dealt with. So no I’m gonna have to say
DDOSS me once shame of them, DDOSS me twice shame on me (applies to the Devs)
I see it as someone getting their car stolen, getting it back but not taking steps to try to prevent it from happening again and going on with life, then their car gets stolen again!
No sympathy for it, put a steering wheel lock on it, or in case the Devs improve security and do proper maintenance so these issues could be seen sooner instead of noticing it after half the player base can’t access the game.

I don’t think you understand how D DoS attacks work. I don’t mean that as an insult… just in case, here is a brief little video explaining how they work.

Even enormous multinational corporations get repeatedly taken down by DDOS attacks, so to think that a small video game developer could somehow thwart them indefinitely is asking a bit much.

Considering crossout might have 15,000 people playing at any given time, and only a fraction of them playing on each Region’s server, if hackers can take down amazon.com, they can surely easily take down cross out. If I were trying to do that, I would also be sure to coordinate these attacks with money making events in the game. After all, I’m pretty sure the entire point is to cripple the Russian economy.

My guess is that as long as the war in Ukraine continues, the attacks will keep coming and keep getting more sophisticated over time. This gets worse before it gets better

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I know what it means in general, but I’m no IT expert, hacker, or anonymous. But my point still stands as my point was never about them getting DDOSS’ed again but the fact they clearly didn’t improve from last time, nor did their response time, shouldn’t take half your player base being locked out to notice, because they’re a small company it should have been noticed way before they did if I was a small company who got DDOSS I would actively be checking for those attacks and not going back to the usual pumping out ways to get money.
You mentioned names of big companies but I bet you they noticed right away, of course, they’re not gonna broadcast it right away but they got people who look for such attacks chance why they’re not much more prevalent.
I normally don’t get on the devs for things except if it ruins the gaming experience, if there such a small company and are captives to the whims of hackers etc, maybe they should sell Crossout to a bigger, more established company that can do a better job at recurring better and more secure servers and have enough people to at least try to counter the nimrods who DDOSS companies!

Such silicifies my point of them selling the game to a more established company with the resources to not get DDOSS’ed every few months. possibly a non-Russian one as you’re right the nimrods are just gonna attack innocent Russian companies that have no involvement in what is going on in the country governed by an ex-actor who actually called for other countries to nuke Russia … (Ukraine)
I’'m not pro any country other than my own, and neither of the above mention countries are the ones I reside in or am a citizen of.

What makes you think they didn’t notice? The posted the notice on FB before I realized there was a problem. I’m in the US, so I’m betting the Russian servers got hit first.

There’s not much you can do to prevent a DDOS attack other than buy huge amounts of bandwidth and server space & employ droves of workers to shut down incoming requests from suspected attackers… even then, you’ll invariably be locking out your own customers. I doubt they can afford the bandwidth and server space to prevent it.

And asking them to sell one of their few products? Ummm…

Wasn’t asking just suggested if it’s too much for them, maybe a better home is in the cards a lot of small Russian developers have issues maintaining their games be it Crossout, War Thunder or the world of tanks

I don’t follow this game on every social they decide to make, and the ones I do I don’t check consistently

So I am right they are ways to mediate such attacks issues, they just choose not to or are financially unable to …
Imagine you own a car you can’t maintain or afford but still cling to it, such get a bus pass
Targem nor Gaijin are companies run in someone’s basement, they can afford to own/rent a facility and they probably have more than 15 people employed

Also not our fault they choose to ignore the game forum they created for sites like Reddit, etc
So it’ll always be their fault ultimately as the buck stops literally with them, apparently, you’re on the assumption that I am saying DDOSS attacks are 100% preventable, I am not and never even said they were

I would like you to show me any preventative measures they took to mediate such attacks after the first time, all I saw from them were ways to get money and like the first attack didn’t happen, which a few people at the time didn’t believe them that one occurred as before hand the game was nearly unplayable for months before hand.

So excuse me if I’m not gonna pucker my lips and kiss their tushies… Umm yeah!

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I know, since the start of the war, Russia has suffered a huge amount of “brain drain” with educated professionals fleeing the country. So, your suggestion of them maybe moving to greener pastures is not far-fetched at all.

As a matter of fact, one of my favorite Russian vloggers recently left for the nation of Georgia.

A brain drain is a huge part of why the Nazis lost… :thinking:

No no… Not that. I think it’s perfectly okay to be upset with them to a degree. We just need to keep it in perspective. Some of the posts here and elsewhere are downright nasty and sound as if people think the devs do this on purpose and are the cause.

They’re the victims, not us. We’re collateral damage.

Blaming the victim is always walking on thin ice.

No matter what they post on Facebook or Reddit, the most vocal and frequent responses are absolutely nasty. I find that a bit immoral and in very poor taste.

Maybe I’m trying to be a counter to that nastiness.

I call reddit the “dumpster for of the internet” for many reasons. The fact that it’s all but impossible to exchange thoughts like you and I are currently doing is primary among them.

Considering they clearly don’t read this forum, I don’t think that’s an issue. :joy:

I agree and see those almost weekly, I said this before and say it again, I usually don’t get upset with the devs unless it’s affecting my ability to play the game, like how after almost every update/BP the past year or so always has server/lag issues happening or random bugs pop up,

I don’t fling poop at the devs but will tell them when they do something or something happens I’m not a fan of, I didn’t blame them the first time, but if this happens a third time it goes into the realm of being a pattern and if you aren’t trying to or can’t stop a pattern from going on … I don’t have much sympathy unless they clearly inform us what’s going on, the first attack they waited for a few days to even tell us they were being attacked and these attacks so far happened after an update/BP so someone doing something to make it easier for these attacks to occur.

But just to make it clear I don’t condone personal attacks or abusive attacks toward the devs
Though the forum mods/admins do allow them, I even inform them once someone was referring to them as Nazi-like but was shot down by the mod/admin saying they just using the term as an example and didn’t directly call them that so all was fine and dandy

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To the peoples on the side of “why do you come here to complain”

It is pretty consistent across the video game world to go to the official forums to have interactions with developers or developer representatives or company spokespersons. Why would a player who has limited experience (i did not come to the forum until I had a problem for example) of say under 6 months, not come to the forum first?

I do not follow the logic. Regular visitors to the forum are the only ones that know it’s the 9 millionth complaint about the same thing. Those that are new or first time visitors have zero clue what has been discussed or what will or will not be seen by developers. Nor are they likely to search for a topic instead of posting a new one.

Who exactly are they supposed to address their disgruntlement to? I mean, are you suggesting they find the forum for the DDOS attackers and complain? When did it become bad to complain to the company that is supposed to providing a service (for some a paid service I remind you) when that service is not being provided.

It is not your responsibility as a customer to complain to any third party other than the service provider. Period. Morality is a non factor.

If your money was stolen from your bank, would you expect compensation from the bank or are you going to find the bank robbers and with morality, ask for your money back?

Edit: This is directed for the Italian player that is new. The rest of us, idk, we don’t really have an excuse as regulars do we?

Nah… It’s a factor in absolutely everything you do. Everything. Yes, even that. Discounting the morality is a moral decision in itself. There’s no escaping it…

That’s a bit deeper than our little playground, but whatever. :wink:

As for the complaining… Complaints-to a degree-are fine.

The nasty stuff, and there’s lots of it, is not.

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