I don't know about you... but (propeller thing)

But i’m kind tired/bored about this event.

I’m definitely grinding this event, i’m no longer having fun. I already have almost 6k fire crackers. and we haven’t reach the half point of this event
and i’m doing well most of the times with a plain drone build, regardless of the map.
Operation Gozu, the previous Slaughter event, i had a blast, this one…not so much.
Paradoxically a drone build can be much stronger in this mode than in PVP, i wish drone builds would be as strong in PVP as they can be in this mode.
Another factor may be contributing to my boredom.
My drone build it’s my fun build, something to fall back to when i need something new and different.
Things can be turned when i use it as a workhorse (like i been doing)
In Operation Gozu i had my spitfires shooting forever, in the previous slaughter event i made a build specifically for it.
In this is just slap a propeller and done.
for me this mode is getting old…fast


The only reason I’ve still been playing it is I want that garage decor thing. I do really like frag and respawn pvp more then normal pvp though, I find it relaxing.

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You do know the flying brawl isn’t the only thing available right? …
Normal pvp and pve are still available still, and invasion and rotating brawls are still going on…
Maybe you’re just bored with Crossout?

I suggest you spend those crackers as they don’t stay in your resource storage when this event is done, no point hoarding temporary resources!..

I already got that if it’s the windmill


I am having fun with it, but yeah it needs work. the most fun map also is the most buggy as it quickly becomes a game of hunt the useless bots.

Also lock on warnings, I use missiles and I know how annoying they can be. the mode is fun but needs work, lots of work. We need tools counter items, different movement parts and weapons.

We also need some changes to the gameplay, so that the wider your copter is the slower it turns. and so that your mass effects your speed. sure you can hold 10k mass on the rotor, but having that should down your max speed to 40 or something, while being light allows you full mobility.

Mode is fun, a bit of a grind but so is the main game.

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Yes, i know

Just for playing the same things over and over again, i need to get more toys other than drones and SGs, i already have a TOW but nothing more to mount it on

I will get a skull with those, nothing i can do about the fire crackers they came along with the wires, i’m collecting wires to sell afterwards that’s why i’m only doing almost exclusively this brawl.
The rewards in this brawl are better than in any other mode even in get the wires. Second week in a row that i blew up the limit amount.

Lots of work, i don’t know why but it’s not as excitement like some others in the past

If it’s the windmill, i already have that, useless cause my garage it’s the old one and i think i can’t put any decor on it, but hey, it’s the garage where i did and endless tweaked my racing cars until i got first places with all of them.
you want the windmill, i want a specific sticker.
I got an hologram and a can of paint…i can’t complain.

I could fix the event with a few simple steps.
Nerf all autoaim/lockon weapons with lockon timers, reduced turn speed, and increased reload.
Reduce base cab hp and structure gained by 50% on helis because they take too much to kill, hence the autoaim meta. Its fun using manually aimed weapons but the TTK is insane because of all the mobility.
Remove bots or have them spawn in groups and focus the most effective enemy player within their ranges.
Nerf catalina and make all MG’s non-hitscan as hitscan is OP when targets require immense lead.

The popularity of the event has easily been damaged by caucs, pyres, and nests. Want to duel air to air? Cauc, or mgs if ur better. Want to focus bots? Just dodge and weave around 100% of the time while occasionally shooting pyres off at bots or hovering enemies. Want to do both? Be a good player with a catalina MG build and kill everything.

That’s pretty much what I think about it too… lol…

Yeah that one. I really want it even though I don’t really have space for it… Have you seen my garage lately lol…

General reply:
I’d actually love to see the ceiling height on the maps much higher than it is currently set at too. All the other bounds are for the most part ok though.

Man, i started to despise that cab.

I’m glad CCs of this game took a step up from the vids they used to do, know they are more complete, this guy is one of the CCs that do good videos, but latelly it’s Catalina with this Catalina with that.
He must like Catalina a lot, but… came on, doing almost every single video about that cab?

Ya, me too. I was sort of bored with the game in general, but I’m getting back into it. I think if I just stick to doing my dailies in the future, I’ll be less likely to burn-out again…maybe. That’s all I did today (dailies). I kept it light and I had fun.

I like the choppers, but I like them better without all the missiles. I can usually play under them (ultra-low PS), so that’s what I do. The rewards are the same, as far as I can tell. So, for me, I see no point in enduring the annoying missiles.

I like that the choppers break up the monotony, and add something fresh and different to my Crossout routine. I like a good routine and a diverse blueprint roster to page through, so I can experience a little variety of play-styles by simply starting at the top and working down through my list of blueprints. The choppers add some welcome diversity to that list.

Another thing I would add is a nerf to missiles and caucs.

Lock on system requires stabilization. so in order to lock on and maintain lock you must hold [space] on PC, this would give some risk reward to those weapons and make things like flutes more viable as counter fire against the lock on users.

The up side is still the fact you don’t have to aim.

I think lockons should require the weapon to be within line of sight of a scope or the weapon’s front with a timer, and they should be possible to re lock after a lock is broken by cloak. Perhaps the user could even soft steer the missiles if they want to bias the missiles approach. But they need an ease of use nerf.
Caucs IMO need their turn speed reduced by 50% and should require that the gun be pointed well enough at an enemy to maintain their lock. Even before this event they were nearly as OP as mace wedges during the 8k ranked battles event a year or two ago. Caucs can keep pointed at the most evasive heli pilots and never miss.

Yeah that brawl is good for wires and I also play it for the 2 win crate, just opened one and got a high ground hologram

I’ve never visited anyone garage I have seen on this forum, but I’ll take your word for it, I never keep the same layout on any of my garages just like I usually never keep the same builds for long, except for raids those I keep for a while

What can I say, I’m one of the ones who enjoy building stuff!

Especially the two city maps, and the fact that most of those two maps are out of bounds
I also think they should have had at least 5 maps in rotation for this mode, maybe used it as an excuse to revamp the Sector X map by making it bigger and having more buildings so it isn’t as much of a bottleneck as it is.
Though I’ve done a few game suggestion requests I don’t know if anyone looks at them haha

I did a second floor basic oval race track over arches with the target range preserved and a little base area at the front. Fun to race around it. If they handed out more point space I’d keep building on to it.

Yeah there’s a few maps already in the game that probably would have worked fine for the mode. Having a few more in the rotation would have been nice. Though I do appreciate that they did so many snow maps this year, I hope they keep those around post event just to be seasonal.

lol I’ve thought once or twice that maybe they just drop into dumpster fires. hehe… I’ve never heard back from them on any of my suggestions. Though they did add portions of suggestions I’ve mentioned on the old forum a few times.

yeah…it’s not for me. I can’t aim worth a hill of beans and, when ever I show up with pyres, I get ground out. So, there’s no real point for me to play it. I got a couple boxes from the rewards, might do an unboxing vid with it all. Other than that, I did enjoy it in the beginning until, that is, the pyre hate set in.

Make up your own rules for it. :joy:

I start the match like any other, but quickly pay attention to #1 on the other team.

I then hunt #1 relentlessly. :smiling_imp:

Chameleon, radar, flywheel… And 3 pyres on individual triggers. My regular rig, I think, is around 5k.

I actually have a version using the Duster. :joy:

This is much more fun than actually trying to win, which I still do since harassing the other team’s #1 limits their score.

I think we’ve gotten to a point where the #1 guys are bot farmers (no shame in it), so they suck at dogfighting and have very pretty and very stupid builds. With the first lock on, they usually either foolishly ignore me or dive to avoid the pyre. In no time, they’re out of altitude and panic as rockets

It’s the Crossout version of Ali’s rope a dope.

When the rockets get boring, I switch to hawks, caucus or autocanons, but the pyres are the most brutal and unforgiving.

I also added radio towers and the park gates to my test drive to practice controlling the copter… Turns, dives, flying under things…

It also helps for the rig to be as small as possible - not mass - but actual physical size. The tighter build, the faster it turns…the faster it climbs… the faster it dives.

Those MI 24 builds look amazing when they explode.

That being said, every now and again, I come across someone who knows what’s up, and then the fun really begins. Good pilots with joules are flying beasts and make this mode well worth playing. I would rather get my butt handed to me by a really good player than mindlessly grind farming bots.

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Nothing to spend them on without resources bro. There isn’t any option for spending just crackers. Or crackers and wires.

Everything that was temporary should have been cracker only cost.

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How do you not have any resources? Do you sell all of yours, cuz I hardly play and still have the resources to craft the paints and decals I wanted, I don’t do fuse event stuff though.

Same here, even before they bumped up the cost of each range part a thousand points wasn’t enough for me but afterwards it’s for sure not, two thousand be a good number for me at least

So do I, though it’ll be silly if they made the desert type maps snowy

Yeah, no clue if they take individual suggestions into mind, I know they take player ideals into mind be it even if it’s a few months/years later, like Bigrams, for years people asked for a movement part like that then poof it came

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Is there a list of the, prizes (paints, decals, etc.), for winning the two “Off We Go” battles each day?

Getting hammered by cannons from above is getting OLD. I hope this helicopter crap doesn’t become a regular brawl.

i got 2 windmills and the rest stickers so far…

I now have multiple of every blue sticker. Yay. I do have the hologram, which is pretty cool. Ya gotta mount it HIGH or half of it projects underground. Clearly, they designed it with copters in mind.

The windmill is pointless to me… I suppose the paint might be nice, but I don’t think I’ve gotten it, yet.

Anyhoo… not doing the copter thing for anything but fun & crackers at this point.

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