I dont like this change

the change they did with porcs and fortunes blowing up upon contact with your team mates needs to be reversed and better looked at. reason being is that:

1: they blow up on your team mates and this encourages team mates to have extremely wide builds to block your shots.
2: it also means your team mates can jump on top of your build or get in front of you so you damage yourself. this is extremely troll like and this will make it harder to use these in things like raids.
3: you have to be alot more careful with your shots and aim over, or around your team mates.
4: they also blow up on destroyed vehicles to.

before i could just launch my fortunes under or at my team mates, under if its legs or hovers and over if its anything else. at them for wanting to bounce my shots off them and around a corner. now… it just feels like people purposefully get in the way with their wide builds or back into me just to cause me to damage myself.
i just dont like this change and i feel fortunes have gotten shafted for this for… some reason. its odd to me because i never had the problem with fortunes that i had with porcs. i dont tend to flip any builds with fortunes and i never really seen people complain about them more then porcs. it just seems weird that they would nerf the fortunes the way they did.

i tried using my fortunes in raids and god they perform worse then they used to. looks like im going to have to build another cyclone and only run cyclones and retchers. sigh…

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Wow, now you know how people who use regular cannons feel. The change to porcs and fortunes is fine. What’s missing is friendly fire damage, idiots who make a habit of facehugging the enemy for no reason or cuting in front of teammates would learn real quick not to do these things. Friendly fire damage would cull braindead players by making the game unplayable for them since they can’t go a match without being a liability to their teammates and a living shield for the enemy, but it won’t ever be allowed to happen because the more braindead someone is, the more likely they are to spend money on the game.


I rather welcome this change as getting those projectiles under my build does obstruct movement somewhat, so it’s a good fix.

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I think you are experiencing this change differently because you don’t play much PVP, and because you are the one using those weapons in PVE.
I do think it will make people use them differently in PVE, and they won’t be as OP as they were, but that I probably for the best.

It is a little much, I saw no one complaining like they do when it comes to being stuck on friendly drones and turrets. I will say that blowing up on corpses is a good change though.

Now when my teammates are getting melee’d to death I pretty much just have to wait for them to die and even then I’ll probably hit their corpse a bunch. A teammate with legs for example will eat your shots like crazy whereas before you could shoot under them a bit and help them against all the melee builds that are facehugging them.

Not really, as you can accurately fire cannon shots whereas these projectile weapons are not that accurate with a lot more projectile drop to them. Porcs and Fortunes are labelled as minelayers yet actual mines won’t blow up on teammates when they snag them etc, it’s a change no one wanted or asked for.

No it would just be toxic

They weren’t such an issue with cars that are relatively low to the ground, but Bigfoot builds used to get stuck on porcs all the time.
It was frustrating.
And while I don’t play many raids, I’m sure all of us have been in a raid with a few porc players spamming out so many barrels that it becomes hard to drive and do any damage yourself.

As far as the change making it harder to protect teammates, if the barrels break on your allied spider, wouldn’t the fire puddle still damage the dog that is attacking them? Or were you talking more about fortunes?

I never saw fortunes as much of a problem as Porcs, but I have definitely occasionally flipped my car driving over an allied fortune bomb.

I do think they should take this change and use a similar concept with turrets, drones, and Jubokko mines. As annoying as it would be for my allies to destroy my turrets, I would rather than happen than for me to accidentally trap my teammates.

I never saw an issue with the raid Porcs, only if the player was selfishly pushing others out the way to spawn kill etc but then they can be using any weapon and be that level of a-hole.

The fire puddle from a a Porc wouldn’t be large enough to even touch the melee build in such a scenario I imagine, right? Only if the spider backs over the fire but even still you’re not getting any of that explosive damage.

I’ve barely ever been flipped on Fortune barrels, a handful of times maybe… The worst for me was the Yongwang but I know that’s simply due to my ride height. I do think this was a change no one was asking for.

People say that players will be toxic about it but honestly I don’t see anyone going out of their way to grief some turret/droner when they’re not in the way. People are only annoyed when the drones/turrets are in their way and a compromise would be to allow them to be pushed by friendlies only, so they slide a little when driven into instead of destroyed.



they can always ghost them so u can drive through them as well like in other games,i guess they thought it wouldn’t be realistic ,i’m sure they will change it soon.

Yeah but then you can just sit on top of them and protect them, I have thought about that



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This. I hate being stuck on a turret because I could be using that time to win the match, not to bully the turret player in my team lmao. I already barely acknowledge their existence in the enemy team because they don’t do shit 99.9% of the time…

I see this as more of a lost for fortune players than porc players, at least with porcs you still leave a fire puddle than can still inflict damage or take players out of cloak. I can’t recall ever getting trapped by fortunes so I don’t know why they had to make this change for fortunes.

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Fortunes never flipped me either in 6+ years. Porcs did, multiple times. Mayb they do tho… I’ve noticed Fortune players tend to play better and rarely just spam the shit out of a pile-up like 99% porcers do, so maybe that’s why.


I’m one of those players, i just love to spam porcs and hope for the best.

i use a mastodon and a mammoth, on top of that i used to use typhoons, fatman and various other cannons. people used to block my shots all the time.

or it could just encourage them to kill you in pve matches and waste your fuel in raids. trust me i had a few dumbasses try running into me, pinning me and even shoving me around to use as their meat shield or just to be a douche. this would just be more toxic if anything.

porcs yes, fortunes no.

but they werent overpowered in pve, fortunes got a reload nerf and on top of that the projectiles dont need to explode when they hit team mates. hell i used to be able to compete and stay up on the boards alongside things like cyclones and retchers and even triple porcs but now im falling severely behind.

turrets are odd because they are a literal steel wall. you could throw a planet at them and they wouldnt move. :rofl:

yep. i used to shoot under leg builds and hover builds in raids. ive come across people who build obnoxiously wide builds just to troll people. now i cant even shoot under them. on top of the nerf to reload this change has made fortunes worse to use in pve.

bigfoots were the only real wheel that had issues with it. other wheels i had no issues really but bigfoots were something else. id just nick the edge of a porc barrel with my wheel, im talking just skimming the surface, and i was suddenly flipped on my back wondering what the hell my wheel just slipped on. if someones flooding the field with porcs its is IMPOSSIBLE to drive through on bigfoots. trust me ive tried and alot of the time i just face plant into the wall or rarely get flipped.

i think i only ever flipped my car once on a fortune and that was on bigfoots. but i have never flipped it since. they are smaller then porcs to so maybe that also has something to do with it. plus fortunes only stay on the terrain for 8 seconds. porcs are… i think 10 seconds iirc?

oh ive come across tooooooo many of these types of players point hogging and trying to block everyones shots so their porcs can eat up all the enemies… :unamused:

the fire puddle isnt to big, no. and the damage from the fire puddle is laughable and the heating rate is even more laughable. you can check it out in the exhibition to if you want to see how big the porc barrel fire is. its main source of damage is from its explosion from the initial hit, the fire and heating is just bonus damage.

i agree with this. when i used drones in raids i would put them out of peoples ways. but like all drones they end up getting poofed out of existence anyways due to bots and their priority targeting system for drones.

this is what i suggested long ago as well. but they wouldnt put it in.

hey look! that spider build is protecting his offspring! :rofl:

yep same.

i got flipped by fortunes 1 time in a raid before but ever since then nothing. i been flipped and face planted into mountains and cliff sides more times by porcs then anything else in this game :expressionless:

I agree that the change was mostly just needed for Porcs.
But I guess they use the same projectile math, so they applied the change to both.