I dont want to pitch doom & gloom

I cant imagine the difficulty in having to cater to new users for growth, while ensuring your dedicated audience is happy. Add in the fact that most users complain out of ignorance - be it lack of experience/understanding, or simply the bitterness of defeat - and it, well…Sucks!

So far, I feel you have done a very good job. The game is balanced and runs well. If anyones argument to that is (but insert build I would ask if you ever played a direct counter to that build? Because one exists).

This is why I am confident that the ridiculous offering on the test server will not be implemented.

I play front-facing hovers for two reasons: 1. I am simply too lazy to change my buttons, and 2. It does feel like an exploit.

In your attempt to fix this severe advantage/problem - I fear you are going too far and forgetting the above points. Most of the hover naysayers simply are inexperienced at dealing with them, and removing strafing hurts so many other movement parts (legs for example).

You now cannot avoid and aim at the same time. Your only option is simply just backpedaling if you wish to use any aiming.

Why cant we just mount hovers front/side? That fixes the severity of the advantage given to side hovers - while I admit not removing the advantage hovers offer.

However, adjusting the weight/mass of the hover themselves could balance them (if you feel any further balance is needed).

Hover Balance: I do feel hovers are balanced in that they are squishy, and slower than any offensive build. The main advantage to hovers lies when delivery of the weapons outweighs survive-ability (IE scorps). Hovers are tormented by dogs, creating a whole other issue. However, this dynamic actually accentuates team play!! Making the end-game much more viable and enriching.

As stated originally, I do not envy the task before you. Pleasing everyone usually ends is pleasing no one. But your proposed solution will strike at what I feel are the lasting engagements of this game.

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Also note that everyone fears change.

With this change the game will finally be right again. The dev team never meant for these parts to dominate the game.

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This isn’t just a change to hovers guy, it’s a change to movement style. You will now be locked into using Relative to Camera with ALL STRAFING PARTS. This is more than hovers.

Yeah. I feel like hovers are in a really good spot right now. The change is a bummer.

Wait… strafeing is gone? I thought we still had strafeing on test.

Yeah this change is just straight up cancer! I don’t play hovers but I do play leg builds from time to time and I am also thinking about quitting because of it! I understand their need for new players but FFS don’t bite the hand that feeds! Talked to my Clan mates last night and they’re all pissed! (No they’re not all hover players!)

I think you should give it a chance. I was using legs, am something of a novice with them, and I found it was very easy to counter the wheeled rusher with this update. I merely faced the bad guy and pushed “A,” and my Spider proceeded to literally walk circles around the assailant with cannons locked on target. They are as helpless as a bull to a matador. It’s the same technique they use too. I’m not actually sure what a wheeled build is supposed to do in response to that. They blew up, is what they did for me. Legs can’t be pushed around, or pushed off course easily with this update either. Tracks could rotate in place to counter the assault, but wheeled builds are a bit screwed in this case, I think. fortunately, people on tracks don’t often appear to think to just rotate in place very often, not in PVP anyway.

Another point I’d like to make is that turrets on legs are made completely pointless, since a vehicle on legs can now perform this circling maneuver. What that means to me is that I’ve now got two extra energy points to blow since turret cannons on legs are made obsolete with this update. These two points are a big deal considering a heavy cab’s lack in this department, I think.

You should give it a chance in regards to ML-200s or Bigrams, IMO. I saw it as a considerable upgrade and welcome advantage.

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Why are people still screaming that strafing has been removed?
I can’t take these complaints seriously when it’s clear they either haven’t tried the test server, or didn’t read the notes and haven’t figured out how the controls work.

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