I finally tried hovers

Got locked out of my old account after changing phones, but now I’ve managed to get my actual in-game username, so all good!

After years of playing Crossout, I recently finally took the plunge and crafted four hovers.

First impressions:

  • wow that acceleration! Guessing they get more sluggish when using more than four, or when using the slower hovers, but they really feel different than any other movement part.
  • wow they are harder to play than I thought. How do people use them for long range? Never being still is really messing with my accuracy (which isn’t great to begin with)

My overall initial impression is that while they have obvious advantages, their difficulty level helps to counter those advantages.
Highly skilled players can dominate with them, but I see now how hard they have to work to do that.

Quick question: do people mix the two hover types much? I’m thinking of getting a couple of the other type to get my tonnage up.

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Hovers are really agile when they get fused for acceleration.

I’ve seen some combinations, but I’m not sure what effects they have.

Good to see you again

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My biggest disappointment so far is that they don’t fit nicely under most fenders. It is impeding my efforts to make hot rod hovers.


Hopefully some factions will have their own versions of things because you see how hermies tires are put together with blended tech you may see a firestarter hover that starts fires because im that cool of a guy to say it first or i always feel like im the first thats why i sat in the first seat on the long school bus growing up as a kid because farts travel in the wind and if we drive forward i have cleaner air by the front door being opened and no exhaust fumes in the front unless a unpleasant rusty O2 sensor or bad exhaust manifold also being the first and last on the bus you become a school bus riding professional. So yeah steppenwolfs could do a hover tank track idea i recommend in the old forum god bless her soul may it find peace after many years of tormenting put it down lol. But anything is possible like lunatic spider legs that are like the steppenwolfs ML 200s that now have borers in the legs feet and jump haha. Anything can be made possible if you think of cool blends in between the factions.


If you want to get into hovers I would try a smaller sideways build with 4 blue hovers to get used to the controls first.

Hovers are a lot of fun, until you get chewed up by a dog build in 3 seconds lol.

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I like chewing up hovers in under 1 second especially the dual scorpion ones are my favorite for a midnight snack as i battle onward to victory lol. No generator pops are a good game where i come from lol.


Their difficulty level is only there when you are new with them. Soon as you get used to it, there is no more difficulty.
Which means all you have to do is get used to them and get that acceleration and strafe and kiting while shooting at the opponent 100% and wobbling over obstacles advantage

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I think I want to avoid sideways builds for a while still. I’ve tried them with other strafing movement parts, and I find it too confusing. I rely on my minimap too much, and can’t make my brain rotate it for me.

Is there a trick to dealing with recoil? And is there a way of telling which weapons are more negatively impacted by not being able to stay still?

Hovers players use strafe a lot instead of rotating the whole vehicle to turn or stearklile u would with wheels or tracks) . There’s a lot of strafe+forward type movement combos as well to utalize both control and maximum excelerating potential.

They do take some getting used to. But once you get the hang of it it’s a cake walk, and you’ll wonder how they ever seemed so hard to use In the first place.

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To play sideways builds we all change our control settings. So our sideways hovers drive like forwards hovers in terms of controls used. I use race1 for forward builds and race2 for sideways. I wish there was a race3 and race4, because I also like to switch my scope button depending on my builds.

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Yeah, I figured out how to reassign the controls for sideways builds back when I was experimenting with sideways meat grinder builds, but I still don’t like it. If there was a way to rotate the minimap, I would give it another try.
Also don’t like the look of most sideways builds, which is probably the bigger reason.

Things that annoy me about hovers:

  • Not being able to brake
  • So delicate
  • getting spun around by scenery and players
  • low tonnage
  • the constant wobble

Things I like:

  • incredible acceleration in all directions
  • fast and smooth pivoting
  • floating over obstacles and cliffs
  • no flipping

I’m going to try some low PS hover builds this week, but not sure what weapons to use. Any suggestions?

Hovers tend to accelerate in whatever direction they are pitched. If you run a cannon hover and want to go flying back with every shot to retreat you mount the cannons far back and high up, that will give you huge acceleration due to being pitched back. If you run something as bad for a hover as an autocannon you have to balance the recoil forces on your center of gravity as much as possible so your guns don’t compensate for tilt and end up overturning your target. You can never ever eliminate movement from recoil on a hover though, ideally you just glide backwards without ever changing orientation.


Oh yeah. It gets confusing on sideways builds on the minimap. I often put arrows on my cabin roof pointing in the direction the front of my cab is facing. This has helped me be less confused by the minimap when switching from front to side builds.

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Funny i gotta change my O2 sensor or clean it with carb choke cleaner but thats mechanical talk yall probably don’t understand. But its by the catalytic converter so it gets hit with intense heat and with the war going on i would see crap like this happening because we are getting bad fuel especially down in Miami florida. But yeah weapons in this game probably will be blended together to better its regular builds performance or durability or function so lets roll out the invention ideas. I would like to hear yours.

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People absolutely mix hover types. Here’s the progression of playing with hovers:

  1. Get four blue hovers, see great advantages to hovers and enjoy the playstyle.
  2. buy two orange hovers to make tonnage for your build.
  3. The hovers kick you into a very high power score, so you decide that you need 8-9 hovers to play competitively.
  4. You decide that 8-9 hovers builds are too sluggish and hovers aren’t good anymore.
  5. You play with Colossus to up your power.
  6. You buy a pack then fuse your cab for +20% power
  7. You fuse your colossus for +5% power.
  8. You replace your orange hovers with all blue hovers.
  9. This replacement causes you to go over tonnage, so you try to drop weight off your build.

Eventually, there will be a fusion special of some sort on Crossout. you will sell a kidney or take a second mortgage on your house, and do the following:

Fuse your Apollo for -weight -200kgs.
Fuse your +power cabs for negative weight -800kgs
Fuse your +power Colossus for -weight -80 kgs.
Fuse your hovers for + efficiency or -power drain and -weight -40 kgs.

Once you have 9-10 perfectly fused hovers, mostly for negative weight and all for one of the power improvements, a perfectly fused Colossus, cabin and Apollo, you have reached the hover endgame, and you have a build that is both fast and can tank damage.

This is the way.


All u really need is a power fused cab and hovers work good enough. Some cabs can even get away with no cab power fusion in the case of using a colossus.

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Lol, I don’t anticipate going that route. I never really saw hovers as OP, and I’ve noticed the ongoing nerfs. I doubt I will ever make them my main movement part, but I’m going to keep playing around with them occasionally. Similar to omnis, I like the concept but don’t enjoy the feel.

Excitement awaits

I’m not sure why u posted that in this topic but I like that weapon idea. A big spikey ball that people can skinner? Yes please!

I would make it last longer before exploding automatically though. That would allow you to do tricks with it with skinners. It would be cool if you could have three or four on the field at a time.

I really hope Devs make this a weapon. I hope they make it 11 or 10 energy too. Or some kind of high Wierd energy cost number.

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