I finally tried ML200 legs

I finally bought a bunch of ML200 legs, and they are so much better than I thought they would be!
I’ve used Bigrams, but never really felt comfortable with them, but these old school legs feel so much better to me.
Sometimes the low top speed means half my team is dead before I get into battle, but I’m OK with that.

First impressions:

  • very strong against close range builds, and not bad against hovers. Sure, you can’t chase either, but you can lure them and pin them, while tanking a lot of damage.
  • acceleration isn’t that bad. Feels like they have their own curve, like hovers. I’m surprised at how often I can dodge a cannon shot, even on an ultra heavy build.
  • They don’t need as much redundancy as bigrams. Four bigrams can be paralyzed if you lose one and tip over, but ML200s are more stable because of their sideways orientation. I can also max out my tonnage easier, and they seem to tank damage better (especially with a Colossus)

I know they aren’t so popular anymore compared to Bigrams, but I’m really glad I gave them a shot. They were very cheap too!

wait till you encounter porcs, any porc user sees you and they are on you like they havent eaten in a year. the only downside to legs is they dont stand a chance against porcs, even fortunes can give you issues. dont get me wrong, i love the legs and their concepts but against porcs they just fall flat on their face. bigrams are alot worse when it comes to porcs and are alot more unstable. its a shame to cause i liked bigrams. i just never made a build with them after they were introduced. i just felt like they fell short.

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Porcs and Fortunes are definitely an issue, but I feel like I’m able to tank my way through a lot of those encounters. Last night I kept running into a porc/hover player and managed to take them out most times, sometimes just by pinning them into their own fire puddles.

I feel like ML200s should break Kapkans easier though.

If only Kapkans made sense lmao

My 24 tons 80 kmh CW brick: gets stuck on 1 Kapkan
My 8 tons skateboarder Bedlam build with 6 boosters: breaks Kapkans

I don’t even know, man. Kap used to make sense, then Targem ninja-tweaked them in the most stupid, counter-intuitive way. And with Interceptor out, you can bet they’ll never tweak them ever again lol.

One thing I noticed is, grip is very important to break Kaps now. And guess what has 0 grip because it’s coded like a hover with massive inertia? Yep, it’s the good ol’ ML leg (^:


You realize speed = force right? Yah boosters are going to break a kap. I see heavy builds break kaps all the time. Legs do get the short end of the stick though with the way Devs coded this game in terms of breaking kapkan and how leg mechanics were coded. Legs just don’t have the momentum or traction. Hovers have no traction and a capped speed so obviously they are just baloons for kapkans.

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There’s no way my 4 racing wheels ultra light skateboard going 120 kmh has more momentum and grip than my 10 wheeler fully geared CW behemoth :'D
Whoever tweaked that was drunk. I prefered when my brick could plow through 4+ kaps U_U

I think we sometimes forget how big and heavy “light” vehicles are in Crossout. Most fast builds are bigger than monster trucks, and carrying a lot of armour. Add speed to that, and you are looking at a lot of force.
Anyway, I’m not finding kapkans such a big problem, as I can usually still rotate and fight back better than I can on wheels.
I’m amazed at how good legs are against both shotgun wedges and dogs. I’m not finding that I’m getting pushed around nearly as much as people claim. To me it feels like the wedge fix really benefits legs. I can just climb on someone to temporarily paralyze them, then back up and unload my guns.
Probably helps that my current leg build is a mass limit maxed out machinist behemoth that can fire downwards. Rush me and you will get mounted by my Green Monster, and then stripped by the vindicators.

treads and tracks should be able to rip off kapkans instantly though, treads have the most grip of any wheel class in the game, yeah they are slow but they have power to back them up. any of the big tracks should be able to rip off a kapkan no problem but apparently they dont for some reason.

I’ve watched Goliath tracks crawl past a kap and break it.

I know Omnis which have insane grip rip kaps np. My 24t 75kmh hardened track build used to, too (but tracks are meh in general, breaking kaps wasn’t worth dealing with hardened tracks)