I got an Odin!

I had ratholed 198 ore and 3 Stillwinds for the cause. Since the pass dropped, Thors have gone from 60,000 on Xbox to 12,000 sell 10,000 buy. I had 4,600, quick sold a couple of Harvesters and two storage expansion tokens at a loss and quick bought a Thor for 12 k and have made an Odin.

I threw a verifier on my Helicon hover immediately, and now I don’t get jumped by fire dogs anymore.

This is a game changer. My favorite fire dog tactic now is to cloak up myself, wait for the dog to start burning a team mate or a bot, and then shoot him in the frame with some rockets.

Odin is going to easily allow me to carry a Doppler, Verifier, Argus, Interceptor, or extra cooling on all my builds for much better play. Some builds, like triple Cyclone spiders are made much more powerful with two fused Seals.

Most builds just benefit from having some radar protection or allow you to perfect builds that you previously cut corners on.

All good stuff.

In addition, I have enough stuff to still get 3 Thors out of the battlepass and have 2 Stillwinds left. I can sell this stuff after the pass leaves for big money, Thor and Stillwind seem to be on a 4 month rotation, and I can price gouge an Odin or materials for max profits in about two and a half months.

Or I can fuse an Odin if a fusion event comes along. Probably the two for one fusion weekend event is better than the guaranteed fusion event, as all I care about is the -25 percent explosion damage and that seems to go into every generator fusion.


:clap: :clap: :clap:

I love cheering on those who obtain what I never can.


And here I was, all excited that I finally got the “bright greenery” paint. :unamused:



Like you I finally completed the Odin after 2+ months. Now I just have to make a build with it.



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Congrats MC!

Is this your first relic?

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Thank you sir!