I has idea

How about we try solo vs solo matches only in battles for like just a month and see what happens. Do it for the kids! No group. Just you that dude and that other guy and oh god not him! Oh he is okay he helps others. And the occasional girl gamer haha.

Maybe it can be 8 v 8? Idk im really wanting to try out un organized team matchmaking no piggy back rides no oh im super powerful i am best clan player ever look at me and my 3 other buddies that agree lol haha just a plain old shuffled deck of players lined up against others.

I love playing solo and idk why so many don’t agree but when ur weak ur weak. Nothing else matters but team foolery.

Try solo you bunch of ageis-prime diaper wearing baby leg clan war barnacle zit faced whales!

If i can get MVP with no guns! You can face me solo! Bring it! I want ALL of the players skulls for my collection!

Without me you wouldn’t be in that false throne you sit in.

Oh By the way don’t try anything slick where you clan members beat the system just be a honest player for once.

I just want ur skull… not like ur using it for anything good anyways and especially in the market.

Greed will bring ur skull into my hands one way or another.

Sincerely smash skullll.


I’m playing solo q almost exclusively since I started… Most people are except lamers and people who need to get carried, really… We pulled 3 shotgun cars from our garages the other day, it was a solid 85% winrate… then again, you can do that solo q depending on the PS and build too…

Playing with friends nullifies the chance that the MM decides to really fuck up your day tho. Sorry, can’t match me with 7 mouthbreathers if I bring mates… But honestly if the mm is grumpy I just change game. I don’t enjoy XO enough to bother these days (^%


What do you mean you’re not in a meta 4 stack 24/7 even on the toilet??? Bro quit your job or you’re out of the clan, I got my last job by putting my uranium gains on my resume, amateur player, just uninstall

But for real I’d love this, I solo a lot


That might be interesting. It would get boring really fast waiting for your turn yo fight though. It would ultimately fail.

I play solo. BUT, and it’s a big smelly butt, you can filter yourself into groups without grouping up by using the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons found in the scoring screen at the end of every match. I end up getting grouped with my own clan while we’re all running solo because we always thumbs up each others battles. So, in the end, it’s up to you who you play with.

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1v1 would be intense… imagine the trash talking in chat!
I rarely play with a group & have done a clan in a very long time.

One thing is certain about soloing… you learn real fast if you’re actually any good or if your team is carrying you.

I’m… um… meh. LOL

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Agreed, I have been a solo PvP player from day one.

Well i got two likes thats dope. The rest of you chickens can go hatch on a roof or something lol.

Does it really work like that? Ive never really noticed a patturn, but then again ive never really looked for one. I always thought the thumbs up and down system was redundant.


only kind of “proof” i have is this vid of me getting matched up with them. Although, I really enjoyed fighting with and against IRON_DOG so I would use the system to get into his matches and, i feel like, it works that way.

I have heard a few other claim if helps with the MM.

I personally have not experienced this.

I also have not experienced the forced 50/50 win/loss some people say the match maker does.

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When I talk about this, it is just generally how back ground MM’s work.
I have zero proof it works like this in XO specifically and it may not apply at all.


All good man :slight_smile:

The game does feel like it is against you sometimes.

it seems more like… grab everyone in the pool that qued then sort them into similar total PS games.

Randomly. Sometimes 5 vs 6 now. I have had quite a few games that it wasn’t someone didn’t load in or was afk. just 5 v 6.