I have my account banned. I don't know how to get help. I can't get gaijin support because my accoun

I need support or someone to help me, I sent a message to the administrators of Crossout Forum and no one helps me.

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File a support ticket using section 2 on this link:

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So you can’t even log in to file a support ticket? They should change that. What did you do that may have causes this?

But as Hamster wrote, you can contact support when unable to log in.

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They don’t care what you tell them, they don’t let me explain anything, they tell me that they already answered me but they haven’t given me an answer, my account had 6 relics, I can’t get it quickly, 2 years of playing and agijin comes out with this and spent more than 1700 dollarsMy problem is not easy to explain. But they don’t even want to listen to me, they tell me that they have already given me an answer.

Support helped me with something 2 weeks ago, and a few days later I sent a thank you note, and mentioned your problem in that message, to give it more exposure in case it hadn’t been examined sufficiently. So, has anything changed?

Also, why is it hard to explain? If you bought the account and later spent money on it, they should let you keep it. By suspending it they lost a paying customer. It shouldn’t matter if you did, indeed, buy the account, as long as it was a willing transaction, and then you gave Gaijin $1700+.

I do realize that trading accounts is forbidden by the rules, but if someone buys an account and then spends money on it, they could pretend they didn’t notice the account-trading part, to let that player spend more money in the future.

I think in support on steam find gaijin and there should be reason. They write you for example “you
break the rule 6 from Article 7.1” I have it too there in the past.

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Thanks for the additional information. This is very unfortunate. As a last resort, you could try PMing Faley016, who’s a Community Manager. But first make sure that the message is composed in an ordered manner and as brief as possible, to make it more transparent. Use shorter sentences, and maybe list the events point by point.

You could also try posting about this on reddit. You’d get more comments from other players, and that could be helpful. Also, Faley016 is more likely to see your post there.

Why did your friend tell Gaijin support that the account was sold? Did you specifically tell him that he was allowed to log into your Crossout account? Or your other accounts, in other games or services? Did you lend him your PC because it was better-specced?

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Si le presté la PC para uso escolar y es menor de edad que hizo cosas sin mi consentimiento. …gracias

This is regrettable, but you have broken the first rule, which is not to lend your account to other people, which means not to lend any equipment where you have saved passwords and others things. That´s your fault. I know you don´t want listen this but it´s cruel reality. Maybe help cyber police department.