*I have to say this about Crossout..🤗

it’s the only game i have ever played this long…(besides EverQuest)…
and the players are cool,i met alot of friends along the way in game and on our forum and alot of nice clans…
sure the game is not perfect but the people who play it,is why we play it…thanks all for being you… :crazy_face:


I don’t think I’ve played many games for more than a year, let alone anywhere close to as long as I’ve played Crossout.
It might not be perfect, but it’s the best game I’ve ever played by far.


Pretty much your post sums up my XO experience. for the most part.


Ya, it makes me mad sometimes, but this is still my favorite game.


I’ve only been here 1.5 years and have no plans of leaving. Played WoT for 5 years, biggest achievement is a blackist, 700 (seven hundred) names long.

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Longest games ive played other than crossout would be Shadowbane, NeverwinterNights, and Ghost Recon. Shadowbane wins at 10 consecutive years, though i have played Neverwinter Nights on and off for almost three decades and am playing it atm.

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I have a few games I played for a long time and this is now the longest.

Some of the others I played for a long time are:

Ashrons Call (PvP sever)
Dark ages of Camelot (Realm vs Realm PvP)
Shadowbane (open world PvP and siege combat)


Ultima Online and Eve here, and IRacing. And all kinds of MMORPG, DaoC, Ryzom, Black Desert and few more, never found the atmosphere from UO in them, to bad EA ruined UO.
IRacing isn’t really a game, but I’ve been using it for quite a few years now. UO over 10 years, EvE, about a year after start and still playing it, over 18 years now. XO is a bit weird, never been a main game for me, nice build function but very rudimentary and basic gameplay, nowadays I only play it for the build function, something I hear more players say.

lol omg, same here …
there was that void since Everquest 1 that could never be filled with anything

( I assume you have pledged for Pantheon: rise of the fallen
like all people who have been through the golden age of eq ).

cant believe crossout is the one , lol , at least for now