I hear devs plan to cancel the weekly mission of polar lights in the last month

Frist of all, i have to say the i didnt’t saw the official announcement of it, so i am not sure if it will be happened definitely.
Well, in the last month, weekly mission of this season will be canceled and the daily mission still exist.
The most influence is that players will get less lighters than before, theoretical number is 300 .
This change will not influence the reward between 1~75lv, but it is impossible to get 650 lighters by reaching additional level to exchange the third lengendary weapon in polar lights for non-elite BP’s players. :cold_sweat:


I was wondering if they would do that, but I didn’t see the Lighters as a particularly valuable currency that would effect the game economy that much. Also, I would have thought they learned their lesson from the last dramatic episode. Maybe not?

They deserve the circus they are inviting if they do that. I think I made all the polite excuses there were for their last debacle, so I’ll be a little light on sympathy for a second round.

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I’ll just leave this here


hop aboard my boat, friend!

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Translation of what the moderator said:
Survivors! In the Northern Lights Battle Pass, players will receive daily quests until the end of the Battle Pass. New weekly quests will stop issuing on May 11 (4 weeks before the end), that is, from May 11 to June 7, players will receive only daily tasks.

So it’s true.

This will reduce the maximum possible amount of lighters by 300, from 1550 to 1250 ( I counted). So those who were going to get 2 more upgraded Nothungs, will get a Nothung + nothing. Unless they buy 4 levels. Another scam. Because the Polar Lights patchnotes don’t contain the slightest hint that the last 4 weeks wouldn’t have weekly challenges. Thus a player buying a Battle Pass had every reason to believe weekly challenges would continue into the last week, as was the case with every single previous Battle Pass.

This is a valid reason for a refund. Paypal refunded Sethioz after he couldn’t play because he got himself banned, so it’s even more likely that players presenting reliable proof of a scam will get refunded. Nevertheless, Gaijing will probably ban their accounts, so it would be prudent to file a support ticket in advance, asking for the BP goodies to be taken back.


Sethioz :eyes:


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Oh that’s a name I’ve not heard of in a while, we got his replacement it’s named Muppetta

Their next Battle Pass should be D.U.I. themed…I want red solo cup decor.


Doesn’t matter. I won’t be making any future purchases.

I’ve spent 20 bucks on bigger scams, the 20 bucks dont matter between the two passes.

I was going to spend the money on new games. but decided I would just actually play some games on Game Pass that I pay for already and buy a new pistol.

I can’t blame you. This game is plagued with trouble. It’s sad, because it’s so close to being hella cool, but then they do weird things like this and just drain the joy out of it…over and over.

People say it’s pay to win, but I can’t see how buying into it improves the quality of the game-play much. In fact, I think it seems worse at higher power-scores where all the fancy “pay to win” gear exists.

I know it’s possible to have a lot of fun with this game. I’ve done it before, and sometimes it’s great, but wow…some of the things they do make me wag my head in wonder.


This can’t be a coincidence. At least devs have a good sense of humor, even if it’s at our expense :rofl:


Yeah, that sounds like a crock of poop. I think we all bought it, like radiance, believing that the event will go on for us, only we’ll earn lighters for our dailies and weeklies beyond that.

That is how my veteran player friend described how the battlepasses worked in the past, and that sold me on Radiance and Polar Lights. I certainly am (was?) looking forward to earning a couple of Waltz rocket launchers. That’s why I play every day, so that I’ll be able to earn a ton of lighters.


I wonder why another Targem game - Star Conflict also spams battle passes, but then delivers what was promised and even more than that, but Crossout events seems to be centered around regulation of it’s internal market, and luring players to buy more.
I mean i read some salty reviews, but still expected at least same level of service… But no :slight_smile:

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Thats consistent with the last few years of bp. Though i cant remember when there was a cut off before. Wasnt it around four weeks?

there was challenges always till the end, last weeks included.

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I see what you did there, lol.

Funny guy :slight_smile: :laughing:

I’ve sat out 5-6 bps now. First its the P2W, now they pull this stunt 2x in a row. U no get my money Gaijin.

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