I just take ban for 1 day

I Just take ban, because in 1 raid i dont play good and die.

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after multiple game lag issues i got banned until may 13 with the accutation of using bots,
i am using laptop/touchpad ,please remove unjustified ban ,thanks

I was banned about a month ago for 2 hours. It was laughable because I’ve only been playing Patrol and a few Raids to use up my daily fuel. I haven’t been on a mic in months. I talk to no one. I play my game and leave. Out of nowhere I get a random ban.

I can only assume that one of the groups I played with in a Raid disliked that I got first place and thus reported me for some bogus issue. I can’t think of any other way the ban happened.

So we can take a ban just for dying too much ?! I didn’t know that.

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