I lost my coins after a server crash

I tried to buy varuns (epic weapons) and after a server crash the coins disappeared and I didn’t get the weapons either

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Same here lost 11k coins due to the crash

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I hope they will give us refund…

If they don’t, I am quiting the game… I mean all the hard work to earn coins, and then it’s suddenly gone

You have to put in a ticket.

They keep records of everything. If you really lost the coins you will get them back.

But you have to file the report.

Yeah I issued a ticket Sunday night. No respons or action yet though…

they removed crossout recently from their bug report/ticket support service one day ago from what i remember…

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Lol, it was removed?

That’s a great sign.

“Hey Boris, we are getting to many tickets from Crossout, what should I do.”

“Simple, remove it from the ticket system.”

Drop the mic!

In Russia if you can not hear their cries, then They are not crying.

They write me this: Hello!

Thank you for contacting Gaijin Customer Support.

Unfortunately, we are not able to assist you in this regard.

Our deepest apologies.

Best regards,

Senior Support Specialist
Gaijin Support Team

You know which software should be removed from your workstation and/or gamestation. Starts with “Crossou” :upside_down_face:

i dont , wich?

Anyhow that means you won’t be getting your coins back. They have replied and you just lost 11k coins or how much was it. Why? Because the sky is high.

Hello :wave:

I Just thought I would drop my 2 pence in on the topic.

way back in December last year when I started the game and reached my first 1000 coins,

multiple game crashes due to Prometheus errors or whatever they were called

caused me to lose the coins I was placing on a bid for 2x bastion cabs I was trying to buy to flip.

no cabs, no coins. :dizzy_face: It was nearly all I had. Well, I messaged Gaijin regarding the issue the reply was:


Thank you for contacting Gaijin Customer Support.

We will do our best to resolve the issue. Please wait for our reply in this ticket.

We will investigate this. We will update the ticket as soon as we have more information.

Best regards,

Duty Support Specialist
Gaijin Support Team

And then:


We have returned the missing coins to your account.

Best regards,

Senior Support Specialist
Gaijin Support Team

What I am getting at, is don’t give up if you find yourself in this situation. Be polite and persevere.

But make sure to have the exact error, date, time, and item the coins were lost on.

And you should be good. The issue above was sorted within two days.

The team was good to me that time. Others, not so much.


I had the same problem. I lost 11k coins due to the crash Idle mining empire

Good to hear you got everything back.