I maxed out the ram meter!

A little while ago I made a post about getting 3,000+ on the dynamometer in my range. That post is now completely dwarfed by this monstrosity:


For those of you curious how the actual [insert words here] I did this, I might have used a special setup lol.

Screenshot 2024-07-07 094116


It only uses 10 jump pads to propel the bus to supersonic speed into the meter, making it so fast the meter cannot calculate the entire score, hence the β€œ9999” on the top. Surprisingly cheap considering I have 80 jump pads lol. Sadly these cannot be mounted on a vehicle and therefore make this a non-legit method for doing this, but if you can actually max out the ram meter with an actual build I would be speechless lol. It’s waaayyyyy harder than it sounds. Good luck though!! :laughing: