I miss cannons/explosives being powerful

I didn’t think we’d get there one day, but I recently tried my Little Boys again, and they’re garbage. Wasps? They tickle builds with all the resists you get nowadays. Fixed cannons? Weak af.

It’s not about what I face, but about what I play. I’m kinda tired of ramming into people at full speed with Whirls/Tempuras/shotguns, but that’s about the only thing that doesn’t get you a 20% winrate in PvP on PC nowadays, especially if you’re a wheels user. The only way to not get rammed into walls is to do the ramming yourself, because there’s almost no way to deal significant damage at range to someone beelining towards you. Omamori, Finwhale, Grizzly, massive blast resist on most parts… It sucks.


I think they were heading in the right direction with the projectile and penetration changes, but didn’t go nearly far enough (and in some cases went the wrong direction).

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They should head in the right direction when they realize cannon shells fly much faster than tiny bullets :thinking:


Cannons never really seemed powerful to me. I have a copter build with tsunamis on it, and the word “lackluster” is appropriate. If I need a cannon car for the missions, I use a triple-avenger build.

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Yeah explosions are very weak in general in the game, outside the few favored options like rethcer, cricket and fortune

I haven’t been using my Locusts at all after they messed with the physical model of the gun some update ago and now you can’t mount them like everyone was mounting them, even if you get two to point at an enemy one of them always points in god knows which direction even at the slightest of movement of your build

Threshers just do not damage

Cannons don’t pack the punch they should pack

Removing missile hit damage from missiles was a mistake because pure explosion type of damage just does nothing 8/10 times

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Mammoths seem to still pack a punch. They have low speed but I usually deal reasonable damages with them. I think one of the main problems of cannons is that space armor is still very efficient even after penetration tried to nerf it. The builds are slightly different but having bumpers on the front on pass trough parts usually negate 90% of the blast (bumper takes direct hit, trigger explosion, explosion does little damage to pass through but doesn’t reach important pieces). Mammoths are the exception IMO because they have bigger explosions than most other cannons which can be enough to damage the build even with space armor.

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The reduction of module explosions is something else that kinda sucks. Sometimes I blow people up for dumb damage and they’re fine, I popped a bot tonight for 3500 white and 1500 yellow and it just turned and shot at me, not even on fire…

There’s less risk to using a lot of exploding modules and such now as well as all these resistances on structure, perk resistances and Omamori etc.

The dominant playstyles always were melee and hitscan spam but now more than ever is it more prevalent.


Agree, the release of a heavy 3 energy gen/ the dura buff to ampere and gasgen also hampered explosives’ viability. I used to love Snowfalls, the moment Bootstrap got released I went from OSing 50% people to OSing like 5% people… It’s a whole, really. There hasn’t been a single change that didn’t hurt cannons/explosives since years :skull:

I agree with the weapons people pointed as “working fine”. Retcher, Impulse, Crickets, Forts, Mamms and Masts are probably fine. A couple ACs like Cyclones are fine. Everything else that explodes needs a buff…

Yeah it’s a big reason I’ve been running just this Fortune/Helicon build… because my other shit just feels weak right now. I was always about using weaker weapons or more unconventional ones to play but in the game’s current state I just don’t want to use things that are less than viable.

I always have to fight either omni movement or melee builds, 2 styles which give the user a absolutely huge advantage when it comes to simple build control. 1 gets full directional movement and aiming on the fly and the other simply has to drive into to practically insta-kill.

If these 1 playstyles are the most dominant while also being some of the easiest to use then I feel no guilt in running my strongest current build so often, at least my playstyle of hit an run takes a level of skill and my build is unique.

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I’m surprised that no one is mentioning how explosive Thor is, not to mention the new fuel cells. Maybe you’re not seeing them because you’re playing lower PS?

When 2499 was a thing I had a toxic triple avenger build on 3 legs that was just absolute meta lol. Been wanting to replicate that around 4699 but I have noticed Little Boy cannons are almost worse lol.

Cannons are fun IMO but I feel as if they could do more damage

I miss the days when a fused wasp on a icebox would do like 115 damage per volley. 3 wasp use to do like 650 explosive damage and reloaded faster than porcs.

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Try quasars. Cannons suck because the devs took half their blast damage away and turned it into bullet damage without even giving 100% pen. They dont benefit from harpy as much anymore nor do they have either bullet or blast damage. They r just single shot grenade launchers without enough boom nor enough punch.