I mostly like the update

To summarize the broad changes the game seems to have received a skill floor increase. Driving is more difficult and its possible to fail at it under the pressure of battle. I like this. This has moved the game further right on a sliding scale going from casual to hardcore. Driving is not as idiot proof and I have shook off CQC W meta wheel builds with my dual auger. Never happened since the changes to them nearly a year ago which doubled their turn radius.

I dislike camera control, the UI theme, the destruction/assist/combo banners, and the massive loss of handbrake function on non-wheel builds.
Camera steering is a bad idea from what I saw it do in robocraft with flyers and namely the ‘tesseracts’ which were tiny super maneuverable little drones that required minimal input, which were covered in spaced armor. Camera controls enable using directional firing builds (which are more efficient since they prioritize less exposure to fire) without needing required skill. They make high performance a lot cheaper. Even if its optional its bad.
The UI theme looks like a HS powerpoint presentation. Its utterly soulless and oversimplified. It reeks of corporate upper management dystopia and I want the option to use the old UI.
The banners are terrible. I’m not a dopamine starved CoD player that needs to be reassured with UI and hitmarker sounds telling me I did something right. That is the job of of the naked game visuals and sounds. I wish to disable the assist and destruction banners and all hitmarker-esque sounds.
I need the handbrake back, a handbrake function should be given to hovers too. There needs to be the control of ceasing all movement by pressing and holding a key for EVERY build no matter how strong or weak those brakes are.

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There’s only a few things I’d really liked changed:

I miss the old grudge looking UI but that’s just surface level really.

I would also love to be able to bind camera follow to the build blueprint rather than go dig in setting for it. Some builds I’m really liking it for and others I’m not.

The strife changes don’t bother me at all as long as that switch for swapping commands stays around. Neither do the 90% of the other changes.

The destroyed car objects I’m not too fond of but it’s mostly because I’m quick to turn and shoot at burning objects and just see it as more stuff to get in the way of shots. Not a huge deal though.

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What you say is true generally, but you are going to feel the skillgap real good once the breaker hover comes to you :slight_smile:

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To be fair the change in augers movement was also a huge buff to them. It’s probably a good part of that.


Me too. I always believed it was mainly adults who played this game but the latest update has me doubting that. Too much crying and hurt butts for it to be adults

I know this is not a real solution to your problem, But I changed my garage to the Syndacate garage just so the UI would look like it matched the game more.

It does not bug me as much in a cyberpunk world.

Like I said, it’s not a real solution, but it make me feel a little better looking at it this way :slight_smile:

Now my whole garage has a more tech feel.

I mostly like the update overall, but…even after resetting alot of the graphics options, the game is suddenly making me feel motion-sick, especially in the raids. I spoke with some folks in Bedlam last night, and found out that I’m not the only one having this problem.

Floating camera is the likely culprit of the motion sickness, but it isn’t a new effect. Did the devs turn in on as a default setting now? I remember it being something you had to choose to turn on previously.

The population has a lot of crochity old men. They like to complain. It has its youngins, but they are outnumbered.

I do not get sick from the motion but I do notice it now, a lot.

I wish it did not do it.

You know what it reminds me of? War Thunder. They rolled out same ****** UI for War Thunder long ago and people sucked up that ***** so they got the brilliant idea to make the same here. Or were they forced? Or just some very neat advice from gaijin too good to ignore? idk.
It’s just a cherry on top of huge pile of absurdness they decided to add to the graphics and map addition.

I know those are a thing, aren’t they closely connected to camera controls? I saw those hover omni hybrid builds that steer with camera use and they are bound for a nerf.