I must be mad

Here i am, ready to test a new PVE build in raids… i said new?

An adaptation of an old, never used build that i had in my garage.

New but worse than the original


" New "

I must be mad to use all important parts post nerfs.
I’m gonna to test this contraption now

If it does jumps it seems a ship in high seas, it will flip over very easily

Fingers cross.

This "diammond will require a great ammount of polishing

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Hmmmm…needs paint. Might I recommend purple?

Currently it’s out of stock.
How about this?


Handles like a barge and if something fall off from the back or from the front it seems like an anchor despite of the hovers.
If i attach a couple of boosters with the front missing i can go to the moon

My first raid.
Nothing wrong with this rig but me.
I spent all the time trying to drive this thing, i don’t know how people do it.

I’m so slow trying to keep this thing in a strait line that when i arrive, the wave is already dead.