I need a little hand to understand this (raids scores)

For some time now i’ trying to understand the raids scores, but i simply can’t it makes no sense, is it random?

Could anyone make any sense of this?

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It’s magic.


tell me when you figure it out :crazy_face: :kissing_heart:

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You get more points for de-gunning de-wheeling and doing intentional objectives in the raid.

Eh. Thats a dev answer. And it doesn’t work like that.
As you knock off parts, its added to your score. There isn’t any magic. The simple fact of the matter is a player can be the highest scorer, do the most objectives, take the least/most damage and still not get MVP to a lower score.

There is some Psyloche math going on in Raid MVP calculations.

I have posted many times I’ve outscored (had the highest score while not getting MVP) that I have posted in the Xbox official club. People there can’t explain it either.

No really I do my weeklies for them and have had every chance to change things up…

Another one.
This time i’m MVP, and i ended up in second place, i didn’t do the most damage. i didn’t tanked the most in the team but yet i have the highest score without doing anything special.
Other times i did more damage than this, tanked more damage and i ended up dead last.
I’m scratching my head trying to understand the logic behind this

Maybe taking damage reduces your score?

You are in first place, not second and received MVP, working as intended. The damage and damage taken doesn’t mean anything.

Maybe you just shot 28k worth of tires and guns in that raid, because apparently everyone says thats how it is scored. Everyone else must have shot armor and cabins I guess. (edit Im joking, I have no idea how its scored in reality)

There’s more to it then just the tires and guns but those are easy ones to point out which is why people mention them. Most of the patches you get during a raid effect scoring too. You kind of have to pay attention to the scoring pop-ups on the right side of the screen as they happen for some of the odd extra points markers to make sense that aren’t patch related.

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The part I don’t get is how I can have the highest points at the end of match and someone with lower total points still get MVP.

And the biggest contributor to points isn’t tires/guns. It’s seems to be how many purples you get the killing blow on (or parts on purples are worth more, not sure yet). I did several games where all I hit was purples, and had the highest score.

How I’ve been looking as a working theory at there seems to be a few things going on:
On the Rewards page: The biggest break down is Kills vs Task completion generally Task completion has normally trended to be the larger number of points shown on that page for me.

With in the match players do seem to get points for odd things like shooting down enemy missiles and other destroyable projectiles and mines as well. Speed between kills and hitting modules seems also to do something funky with destruction points. Assist also show for points. I generally try to avoid mentioning them as I’ve seen so many different ones pop up. I think these relate to the tasks scoring.

The actual kill number listed in the reward count could just be a general tally and not indicating the point difference between raider, bruiser, and ringleader types. This could easily account for why it’s often a lower amount. Raids with more ringleaders do tend to reward out better. So I would generally agree with you on there seeming to be a difference.

On the Stats page: This normally has a different number listed for points.

There’s ether one of the following happening they are different point scales being used or there is a modifier being used in one direction or the other. As they’ve been tricky with the points before I don’t put it past them. Generally I think the person with the highest objective tasks done I think gets the MVP. I know when I miss these someone else normally gets it but it could also just be a weighted amount as a portion of the modifier as I mentioned earlier in the paragraph. This could also be a reason of when a player gets dropped into a raid late and gets the larger point load that they don’t get the MVP.

I’m kind of happy there is some confusion over it though as when players tend to find out exact methods of scoring they tend to abuse it to the detriment of other players.

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