I need officially selected drawings

I have a lot of weapons, so I’m free to try multiple ways to play? Wrong, tens of minutes of design each time give me a headache, and when I try to find good designs in exhibition, there is always a pile of garbage in front of my eyes.

Ask the game designer to provide more options for drawing evaluation such as reliable, good-looking, interesting rather than a single like, and hope that the official can permanently keep some excellent drawings on the exhibition, so that I don’t have to have a headache to spell out a good design

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My approach to this issue is to have a few builds saved that I can adapt easily.
For instance, a build designed for overheating 3 energy weapons, so I can just quickly swap in new guns while keeping the modules. I usually have another for 4 energy reload weapons, and one for 6 energy reload weapons.
Not a perfect solution, but saves me some time when I want to quickly try some new toys.

Useful, but not all situations,it’s best if designers can make some changes

It’s been suggested that they update the Faction builds, and I think this is where this idea should get seated.
I think this would be a great place to add some life to this game without even making any change to game mechanics.

I play for the build feature, so to me 10 minutes of consideration to a build is just getting started. I see this game more like a bag of really cool Legos.

IDK. There are a lot of cut and paste builds that do very well in the Wasteland. Some say, too many.

This is a fun and simple solution too, I think.

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lots of players modify exhibition rides.


If you think that every time, when you see someone doing an adaptable base model, you think it’s a boring behavior, not a solution.

As for faction design, that’s just something that attracts new players into the game, and I’d say good design that really works in pvp, preferably for each weapon

Does it? I’ve never used it.

I don’t even know what that means.
Maybe try a lower Power-score where the builds are less complicated, and require fewer gimmicks to win. IDK.
Good Luck.

I mean, it’s impossible to keep people interested in making vehicles all the time

I was first introduced to this game in 2018, and at first I was happy to design it myself, but gradually, I became more and more demanding of my design and lost interest, and the design that was not serious usually did not perform well in battle.Now I have a lot of weapons, but without the enthusiasm I just had to play the game, I think you should understand what I said.

certainly your likings gravitates more to some type of builds than others. In the exhib if you encounter garbage but if you like the concept you can try to make them work.
Until now what i have is made from scratch but i have some favourites in the exhib to when i have the parts, to when i need creativity, they all have the same qualities that i seek
But for now i don’t need them but they are there if in case…

well, i have only a few weapons,and only a few builds i tweak my armour all the time.
if you see me in battle you can tell what’s been refined again and again and again and what’s a new concept .
but my biggest struggle is with weapon choice, they are the last thought to my builds, the last thing to be put on.

Perhaps if you change your focus you will find enthusiasm again.
You say you have lots of guns, perhaps if you pay more attention to how you build for what you build.
You wont need to build as often
I have 5 builds 6 k, 8k, 10 k, 11 k and a drone build, they are all good against cannons, even the drone build, but the 10 k it’s good against cannons, dogs, and melee.

I’m not sure I agree with that.
I know that not everyone loves to build as much as me, but building is a huge part of the whole concept of the game, and the one aspect that keeps me playing year after year.
I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with being bored of building, but I do feel like you are missing out on half of the fun if you aren’t making your own builds.
When I feel like my builds are getting too formulaic, I switch to another movement part, and that forces me to rethink my approach.
But if I get a new gun and want to try it out, I can slam together a good looking and functional little car pretty quickly. Then I’ll play a few matches to figure out where the weak spots are, and quickly tweak them to fix the problems.

Ya, I think so. I get bored too, and I tend to look towards the latest event for a theme or amusement. Sometimes that lasts longer than others. Recently I got bored with the whole player vs anything modes and just went rock climbing on the Adventure map. I discovered there was a subculture of that going on, and a whole bunch of other people doing it too. It was fun.
Point is, there are layers to this game. It has loads of features. Winning can be interpreted different ways.

Thanks Again, @CrAzY_TrAiN


And then there’s me who makes a new build every day. I like building. You clearly don’t. To each their own. Building my ride is a huge part of why I love this game.

The search function seems adequit to me.


I really do like building structure in the game especially when I ride between buildings I seem that real with me.

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I don’t like building hovers. Idk why. Probably because you have to make them ugly to be competitive. I have on occasion just downloaded a hover because I don’t enjoy building them.

I can see people getting bored building ugly stale looking meta spaced armour builds. They are nothing new or unique, and if those are the only kinds of builds you play I can see building being no fun.

I however build mostly pretty builds with unique flavour and cool paint jobs. Thats the kind of building I enjoy.