I play ZOOMED in

I just recently flipped my play view completely from playing years with the camera zoomed out above the vehicle as far as allowed to now playing zoomed in as close to the vehicle as possible. I’m not talking scope 1.8 zoom but the notch right before it.

Things I’ve noticed so far:

  1. The gameplay overall becomes more intense…its more up in your face after all so it makes more sense.

  2. The driving becomes more fun and a little easier…for me. I still need to experiment with different wheel fuses I have, traction vs power, to see if I like one better when zoomed in driving. Right now I’m power all the way sliding around nicely for my liking.

  3. I notice more game and vehicle details.

  4. That it is sometimes hard to see what damage you are taking in the rear when looking forward as the car rear is off camera at times when driving straight and zoomed in. After an intense chase sometimes I escape and then take a look back at my rear to see the damage and I’m like, phew…I still have an ass!

  5. I pay more attention to the mini-map or seem to read it better?? I don’t know why it is but I seem to with the new view. Cant explain why.

  6. Peripheral vision does get smaller so more quick glances around are being used.

  7. The captured game footage when viewed might make people more dizzy with being closer and with the quick spins of the camera when I look around. What people are seeing is what I’m seeing in the game and quick look actions are needed for survival and they are not optimally designed for viewing pleasure.

  8. I have been having more fun but that might be also because I think I’m doing a little better.

I don’t think I’m going back and really cant believe I flipped like this.

Below is a match I captured that has a few exciting zoomed moments. I get hit by some shells early but manage to still get a few licks in before its over!

Does anyone else play zoomed in? I’d like to know anyone’s thoughts on advantages or whatever about it.


Nice match, even though you lost. I get too involved when I watch matches… “where the heck is the rest of the team!!!” LOL

As for zooming in… I love it. It makes everything seem faster to me. I don’t usually do it in PVP because I think I play better zoomed out. But in Patrol, raids or adventure, I often zoom in. It’s really fun with a melee build…watch those chainsaws spin! :smiling_imp: :boom:

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Thnx, yeah i often am exclaiming out loud “where the f*#k is my team!” Lol…but most of the time it’s my fault being too eager to get in there and I’m pushing that W hard.

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I play 0.1 camera distance too, never played zoomed out. I can always tilt the camera down and around to see around corners just fine.

Being closer means I can see my own build better and if I have or don’t have certain parts, plus I like looking at my builds…

I also don’t play with the minimap fully zoomed out, I play on the second furthest distance for similar reasons… I want to see map details better and where enemies are and aren’t… you can easily mistake someone near a cliff edge or ledge as being on top or below it… and grouped up arrows can cover areas on the map more… Enemies that are at such a distance that the maximum scope of the map would provide are generally not a problem.

I run a fused special radar detector and the minimap I have is fully covered, it all works out well, you don’t always need to have your settings as what other people think is the ‘norm’.

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Yeah im still just getting used to a few new situations while in the zoomed in mode but the adjustments aren’t really that bad…they’re just adjustments.
It is cool to see vehicles closer…i really am noticing more parts and bits i wouldn’t notice zoomed out.

Im with u on the map thing too but ive always liked the map to be one notch back from full distance view. Seems that works good for me. I do adjust in game at times quickly with the + / - keys when needed.

Also id like to note that im running zoomed on ALL my builds now and not just the speedy ramming racer types. I have a few builds untested in zoomed mode but i will have to see how they do later. Im sure zooming in works better for some builds over others.

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