I suggest we add a touch of personality to individual components

Good evening fellow survivors. I come to you all today with a proposition, if I may. I was thinking it would be really cool if weapons tracked their number of “destructions”. In addition to that, if it permanently recorded the name of the person that manufactured the weapon. I think it would be a really neat flair to the weapons that I currently feel are kind of bland. This could also extend to cabins as well with distance traveled, or maybe mobility components? I have Omnis that have probably rounded the planet at this point.

I was also thinking there could be achievements associated with said weapons. I was thinking something like destroying the person who manufactured the weapon or getting 1000 destructions with a weapon. That could bring a source of pride to the player for sticking with a certain weapon, and possibly effecting the value of the weapons based on the number of kills they have, or the person who created it. It could have the side effect of spicing up the marketplace as well. Why the heck not?

Please let me know your thoughts. I am interested if others find this an appealing addition. Mind your lines of sight!!


Great idea. Me and Ravager Unit 300476 are all for this!


Very interesting.

The way whales corner the market with their stupid antics, I’m thinking there might be way too much data associated with something like this, but IDK. I think they’d need to fix the dysfunctional market before something like this would be feasible.

I like the idea though, but this game has so many damn issues, I’d really like them to focus on those before they pile on any more features.

There’s a great game underneath all the BS, but its architecture is so sloppy and sprawling, it can be hard to excavate.

Just more maps, please.

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