I wanna complain too!

Confrontation mode leads to capping out on scrap very quickly. Those that play confrontation and CW are at a disadvantage to those that can elect to collect other resources for their battles. Why do the devs continue to hide resources from players that play competitively?!? Others can continue to play for free but we are forced to spend $$$ to keep up with non-competitive players. This must stop!!!


This is a side affect that non-CWs guys will not understand.

Confrontation and CW players will play tons of games where they get little to no reward just to raise the clan score.

I capped out on scrap and uranium mid week last week…and played for free the rest of the week, just because I prefer those modes…and to help others.


They do need to add reward selections to multiple different modes.

It would make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

I always thought that raids should have a selection.