I want to be able to turn


90% of peoples with wheels on XO are using 4 directional wheels… why?
They do that to be able TO TURN, to be able TO TURN ! ! ! !

I will not playing a lot cause this is now impossible, I’m near to leave for good, I will wait to see if things come back to normal, but if not… bye bye

PS: new design and colors are disgusting and are faaaaar to match with the game

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Nothing is wrong with the new colors and design, you’re just depressed


Nonsense thread


Agree 100%.
Controling a car with the keyboard has always been bad, but Crossout used to do a good job with keyboard control. I don’t understand why they made it bad on purpose. Why did they not spend development time to implement wheel control instead. I would love to play crossout with wheel + pedals controls.
Also I don’t like this new trendy artificial HDR style. I agree it does not match with the game.
I used to play Crossout for hours, now i can hardly play more than 3 games before i get bored.
(1000+ hours Crossout fan)
EDIT : while not being a hover player, i don’t like the hover update either. Hover builds were agile but weak builds, that needed skillful play, and i loved fighting against them. The update is both unfair and unskilled oriented (especially the mouse aim thing).


my shivs St wheels are much better now,/turning/take off speed…i have six of them
this is more like it…i’m happy again…thx ! :kissing_heart:
here’s my wheels fused…don’t hate on my wedge :crazy_face:



ok you made me test this so i used 2 builds, 1 light build and 1 heavy build derived from my light build, I did 3 matches, 1 with the heavy build, then light, then heavy to be sure.
The light does not turn as before, it is close but in any case not better, this is different for the heavy … a horror, it’s like driving with lag… it responds badly and when it responds it’s too late and it’s turning more than I asked for…, sorry but I have 180mb, it’s not to play in 512kb, it’s not more realistic this is just lagging

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just let off of the accelerator, like in real life, and your turning ability will improve.

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you racing Nascar? its a video game. why make it suck?

I’m playing XO, no World of Tank, there is tank cabins and fast cabins, I put 4 directionnal wheels to have a correct steering, for realism there is Forza, if you want realism maybe the side cabin builds should disappear…
I’m not crying about hovers each weapons or tracks (exept porcupine who have too low PS and legs who dont take damage from melee), I just want to be able to have a correct steering, i’m playing dynamic builds, with low def, since begining so I want to continue.
As I said several times, people who use wheels put 4 directional wheels to have better steering
People made builds with the cabin turned 90°, so I want to be able to put 4 steering wheels to improve my ride

well, you and everyone else should be happy to know that they repatched the game today, and the orig wheel physics are back.

ok thank you for this information i will check it later

Still different, but better for dogs. Super heavy wheeled vehicles still have like a full second of lag before turning…