I want to join a new Clan

Hi all,

I’m an active player since 2018, and my clan is dying, I’m the only active player there. I don’t usually have time for clan wars but I play every day and would like to change.
Thanks in advance.


Which platform do you play on?

we need more active members in our clan. or rather poony’s clan. so you can join ours if your active alot.

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My clan is called 808x, and we’re on PS4.
It’s set to “open”, so anyone can join.

No expectations, although I have been kicking people that go more than a week and a half without playing. They can always rejoin, but trying to fill it up with more active players.

on PC, RVGD has space open BUT, although it’s not dying, it’s still quiet while growing. I have 2 players that are on quite a bit, a 3rd that’s on a break but will be returning, and then I’m planning be on full time after Christmas. I still log on several times a week just not able to stay logged on due to work and stuff.


I´m on PC

Right now my clan is at ranking recognized, all thanks to me. I only change to a clan that is, at least, ranking renowned. I’m actualy level 242 of engineers.

we usually make it to renowned before the end of the week. Not always but usually.

Ok, I’m going to quit my clan, so I can join you in 48h. Can you send me the invitation?

2 days and 15 hours from posting this, and the invite should go through.

Aw crap!! dude, I mistook Renowned for Recognized. I’m sorry for my confusion about it. We haven’t made it to Renowned yet, just Recognized. My Bad.

We can still make some room if you want.