I want to say a few things (a paradox)

First of all
1 - the Aggressor cab it’s super underrated
2 - Hawks rule
3 - WTF is this? And why?

And it was not the only one. And not the only one at the same time.

Perhaps this explains the following.

versus this

Perhaps the first image explains why a build optimized for a specific event does better in PVP than in that said event, that and the ineptitude of people gunning for the checkpoints and focus fire there, and move fast in between.


I think devs tinkered with radiance, not only the bridge it’s not as smoothly as before ( i did it thousands of time by now) but the towers at the end hit harder and more often than before, i just can’t get pass them without a catastrophic lost. Where before i could.

I have to rework the armour around my build now.

But at the end i finally got it.

As a ravager there are games where is as easy as catching fishes in a barrel, like 3 or 4 in a row.
Use drones or Caucasus, they are better than most of the weapons, cause people can’t fire if their lifes depended on it.
And please, step on it, pedal to the metal.

Using its features, the drone can easily get a damage bonus, the Ghost should also do, but slower, for Jannabi, its mechanics are real-time, if you drift to have damage increase, unlike other cabins that always have a bonus when casting a drone


In radiance, you played well, and I think the abilities of the aggressor in PvP are in a balanced position after being strengthened last time

thats my question in the radiance mode why do people use tracks… these ravager builds go 90 - 100+ and they are going around in a sluggish, slow build… i seen people use goliaths… FRIGGEN GOLIATHS!! :man_facepalming:


Unlike other cabins (e.g. GROWL) you can build something with it, where it be fast and nimble or to the tough side with armour planting
I like this cab even before the strengthening.

I try to do my best


I get it, someone wants a good time, goes there in a derpy build and have fun.
But why, after all this time there are people using armour, tons of armour, builds that are too wide and / or too slow, over and over again.
Builds that have hatchets that almost double the length of the builds, what for?
to make it easy for the ravagers?
If the armour is too heavy and eats away their speed and acceleration, why not drop it?
specially , if they can’t hit a barn door inside a barn.

Why do the team stop?
Can’t they run in between checkpoints and make last stands in the checkpoints?
they prefer to be isolated and make last stands on the fly.
to be picked one by one and to make it even harder for the two or three guys at the front.

Different strokes for different folks, but that’s probably why in some matches half the survivor team is dead before the 1st gate opens, and also I’ve seen people park right next to the ledge the ravs drop down from or park and shot them allowing the ravs to infect them