I was right all along!

you told me i was crazy, i was insane, but look where we are!

the old forum is gone now, and i don’t think they even want this one to be “sucessfull”, they still only post news posts to le plebit, i still think they want us to “move” there but i atleast will not as just with a single post on the crossout plebit sub-plebit, happned to get me doxxed.

the fact that they used a “template” made by an another bigger game developpment company and did not add any improvements relative to the old forum honestly shows to me that this may be an excuse to purge all the server space the old forum may have been ocupying.

so they killed the forum, what next?



yup ,we are now in an OLDER Forum,thx


you know if you want quick replys just hop on the discord server for crossout… from what I’ve seen way more activity…and yes they have a section for questions for dev… but this is just my 2 cents…

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Ya, you called it, alright. Here we are, the Walking Dead.
What’s next? IDK…“Age of Water?” Age of Water
That should be coming soon, and do they have the resources to run both? IDK. I think Gaijin has other titles that do worse than this one, but I’m not sure.
Star Conflict is theirs, isn’t it? I can’t imagine it’s player base being any larger than this one, but maybe it is. It still floats somehow. Maybe this one will too.
Maybe Reddit will help get the name out, but I don’t think name recognition is this game’s problem. I think everybody’s heard of it already, and most people just don’t don’t care for it’s struggle to be a fun 3rd person shooter.
I like it for its build feature, and I would miss it if it was gone.
I agree, this doesn’t feel like an upgrade as much as it does a move towards abandonment. We’ll see.

same thing happening as the last post, i’m not saying the “game is dead” what i mean is that gaijin wants the forums to die, erasing every file while just picking a template made by another company just to call it “new” is actually a smart way to save money on server space if you think about it. and considering how many limitations are put on the users in this one, they may even save even more money due to low limit of images and text, and by making a forum that peopçe dislike even more, it will make people using it, and if lucky, no one will be left, letting them fully colse the forum and save even more money

it is not about that, i do not like discord nor plebit, and discord the messages get swoopen into the rug too quickly…


First he gets all cabins nerfed.

Then he gets the forum shut down.



I def dont like the forum change. I’ll adjust though.


When and where did you said that, and why did you think that?

It’s the guy who got our cabs nerfed! GET HIM, GUYS!


in the old forum, when it was the “main” forum, server costs are expensive, so they want the forums to die, so they can shut down the servers used for it, limitations in this one imply that it may have less data storage capacity in their “new” servers, and the fact that everything in the old one IS going to get erased supports this idea even more.


how it feels to use the forum since the update (would put the funny emoji from the old forum, but only one image allowed per reply/post)


That doesn’t answer my question.
You said “I was right all along” and

So you seems to imply that you knew that the forum will change, and I was asking when (long time before the change?) and where (did you write it down on the old forum, if yes show us) you said that.

It was less than a week before it actually happened. Like only a day or two…maybe three, before it actually happened. When it happened, davekko’s post about it was the first thing that came to my mind, but I couldn’t remember exactly who had recently posted that prophecy.
Of course he probably got a lot of “Stop saying the game is dying, people have been saying that for years” routine…even though this game has been pretty dead for years already. The old forum was a ghost town.
He totally called this, and very recently before it actually happened.
I think they “upgraded” it to a simpler system to save man hours, and I hope that means better game development in he future. Judging by the latest update on its way (which I like) maybe this will be a good thing.
I enjoy the forum (it detours me from the melancholy daily news), but the prosperity of the game (and its developers) is more important to me than a fancy forum.
Besides, I like the color, and I’m getting used to it, I suppose. I was just worried that the developers were abandoning ship with this move. I think the new update is contrary to that fear, though. It shows a diligent effort to improve the base game, IMO, and I’m glad to see it.

PS: I think davekko’s post here is largely in jest. I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

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i honestly think that may help more with the servers, as “creating” a new forum takes time, but the old forum took a quite considerable large ammount of server space, so that may be it.

most of the post i make are jokes that come up when my singular remaining brain cell hits a corner of my skull like a DVD screensaver; even rarer to be when i say something that is actually usefull.

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I’ll do