I will just leave this in here

This was my record, albeit in pve.

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well done.

Feel free to post here your achievements :slight_smile:

But this wasn’t my intend, i only posted here my score to better contrast with my reward which was 1 scrap. 1 scrap in a very tense game where it could go either way Low on HP, no ammo left ( the universe has it’s humour)
I know, i must reached the limit reward wise.
But it’s like a snowball effect.

  • Below 2000 points , being a MVP or being the last of the score board with more than 100 or 200 points the difference can be as low as 3 or 4 scrap.

  • I had hectic games like this one where we manage to turn 5 vs 2, a certain defeat into a victory ( myself survived with 121 HP and no drone to spare)

yet i also had games like this one.

Where i did nothing, i came back from the bathroom, i never left my spawn, two guys sd on me, and that was it, the third guy who also SD, got me.
If i was there in the beginning with my team i would ended up with something similar to this, at best.

Or right in the middle of the pack between 10 and 50 points

In contrast, situations like when we sacrifice entering our cap full of adversaries to hold the process of capping for the longest time we can, are not rewarded.

Make me think, it’s not worth it.

The reward system and the points system needs to be overhauled, to be look into , something is not right.

I mean, i could just do 100 or 200 points and subtract myself from the game, that would speed up the win or defeat and the number of games.
In the end i most certainly will end up with more scrap.
This kind of how the things are made could open the door to this type of reason.