I would fire whoever approved the new keybinds. Game breaking dookie

It’s game breaking. whoever ok’d this NEEDS FIRED. They broke the f-ing game.

If I gotta learn new goddam controls I might as well learn a new game while I am at it. Hated the dam scope bind change also, but at least it was tolerable.


I don’t know what is up targem’s sleeves next, they will probably have self destruct and throttle attached to the same bind in the next update so every time you move you will destroy yourself, would not surprise me one bit if they does something that dumb. No rhyme or reason to many of the changes they make at all.

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My vote is its a pretend accident by devs. They will say oops, our bad, but in reality they are just trying to force stubborn players to try the new controls. Its a total crossout dev move.


I am not sure why the devs feel the need to keep adding controls to console for buttons we possibly cannot use. It would be nice to have them as options, while not be forced to use them. You would think by now they would come out with new control options in your interface that can be turned on or off, before trying to strong arm people into using things they don’t want to. Steel Tyrant justly named…

I’m sorry but the new controls are so strange and simply don’t work. There was a reason for Race and Race 2; now there is no point. Force everyone to use a relative to camera position, when that was already an option… *facepalm

Limit creativity by forcing players to build one way… fine give me the ability to rotate my cabin and all movement part, while dictating what direction is forward on the build.

I just renewed for a yearly premium… at this rate and state of the game, if the controls don’t get fixed, I’m going to be forced to get a refund from Microsoft and find another game to play. I would be really bummed if that happens because I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into this game, and used to love it… not so much these days.

It’s really a missed opportunity… but then again what else is new around here.


if you don’t like the new controls turn them off and play the game the same way you always have, i realize them having the new controls active by default is stupid, it confuses allot of players honestly, no idea why they made the new controls the default, personally, i like some of the new controls they are quite handy for some of my builds

The new key binds for console are game breaking for sure.

Changing to the old style of controls does not fix it.

They need to remove the combination key binds with strife. Or at least make an option with them removed.


That is not what he is talking about. Devs did a stealth control switch up where look back is binned to right strafe and weapon aim lock is binned to left strafe. I already made a post about it, those options you got pictured above do not work for the new mandatory bindings.


Do you even play on console? That shit doesn’t work.
It doesn’t turn off the bind.

everyone say game is unplayable new control bad and so on so on.
but i see now its just sideways hovers users crying.
do u think build sideways was intended? dont u think if dews want build like that they just make option to rotate cabin?

u guys crying about leaving game and stuff. but i think if u leave u make this game better. if cannot adapt to change dont u think its u problem? just build normal like every other player and u see this new controls is awsome.

I’m crying for EVERY single one of my turreted weapon builds. The goddam cannons turn off front when you look back.
It is worse for hovers, augers, ml-200’s and omni’s, but it effects EVERY SINGLE ONE of my cannon builds, my scorp builds… my jorg builds… my retcher builds… anything the weapon turns when you look back regardless of movement parts.

Well, you could use the free look button to lock your weapons when you look around.

You clearly don’t play on Console… so you should sit this one out.
Regardless of sideways or not… limiting the creativity of one to compensate for the inability of another is just asinine.
If you make the game unplayable, because some idiot in development did something stupid, you can’t blame the players. You clearly don’t understand the issue and have added no value to this thread.

you never even mentioned they were on console or not I’m just trying to share general information that may help.

Strafing left is also broken with the new binds. You cannot turn your guns to aim while strafing left. (this does apply to multi directional movement parts only.


It would be nice if the devs let us change Weapon Rotation Lock to a different button like the Scopes; or a toggle on or off in settings…

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ok u have a point. buy pc ,console is garbage .

I would just fire the dev team all together

This needs fixed ASAP, we need a patch please.

They wont. It looks like its an intentional chnge and the results were the desired ends to the means of this change. They did say allowing old controls to work was only temporary while people got used to new controls. They spelled it out for yall dude. And yall just forgot about it amd are crying about what they told u would happen.

Not gonna happen. U were warned of this patches comeing.