Icarus X

I was reading another thread and this idea popped into my head, LEGENDARY HOVER!

The Icarus X, the latest version in the Icarus line.

The hover would have two stages like the bigrim. The first stage would be the starting stage and work like the other two hovers, but in the second stage the hover will “open up” exposing the hover to more damage in exchange for higher performance i.e. higher speed, acceleration, and handling. The time to swap stages should be similar to the Bigrims.

not sure on stats yet, or what would be an acceptable trade off for the increased performance of the second stage. again I just thought of this.

Let me know what you think,
Constructive criticism welcomed!!!


The problem with legendary movement parts, that pandora box that should be left closed, is that it will make the entry price for CW jump in ways that have never been seen before.


If they created also legendary wheels, yeah why not.

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I don’t want to spend my 10k coins just to stay up-to-date for CW, wheels or hovers…


all my movement part are god role fuse. You need to spend coins in this game .

Two years ago, you could make a CW build for 4k coins. Surely you can see why I’m not too fond of the idea of making 3k coins movement parts mandatory for CW. The game’s grindy enough for newcomers.


also adding a legendary track, and a legendary wheel, all in the same update, and making each be crafted 2 at a time like wheels now do would make them half the price of a regular legendary, and you would need less of them on a singular build due to increased stats as well

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I’m with Clebardman on this one…
He already mentioned the cost, even if they do craft 2 at a time. It will still widen the gap between rich players and poorer ones.
Also, the power creep is bad enough as is. We don’t need legendary movement parts, especially when a bunch of the Epic ones are not viable.
Besides, all of the diverse and interesting movement parts are in Epic tier. How are they gonna make it better?

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just make them bad and unviable!

with your logic master cab is one of the most overpowered cabins ever and must be removed from the game accordingly.

most of the legendary parts we have been getting recently are mostly bad, or overally complete carbage!

the only “good” legendaries we got recently were:

only 5 of the 8 legendary cabins we have are actually used;

and most of the time an upgraded epic cabin has better stats and perk than the legendarys;

i think we could have legendary movement parts without them being “overpowered”

imagine, a legendary track that is the length of two armored tracks; but it has more durability, caped at 40-35 km maximum speed, but it has an actual perk! like increasing the rotation speed of weapons when the vehicle is stationary?

a legendary wheel (which does in fact already exists ingame, but only IA can use it) a wheel almost twice as big as bigfoots, it gives way more toonage, but it weights way more while consuming a way larger amount of power;

they all would have insane amounts of powerscore; and they could even make movement parts that were over nerfed because they were too “op” for epic rarity(actually, it is just the others which are bad, and relative to them they are good) legendary, and finnally balance them properly as they will be legendary instead; having a higher price, and powerscore;

developers can make the legendary movement parts cost 4 uniquie epics instead of 5; and result in two of the movement part in question; they did lower costing legendaries before; and some itens even have higher material costs than others of the same rarity on purpose, and are even used in a way to make crafting higher rarity parts more “expensive” or “cheaper” resource wise;

i still see more epic cabins being used than legendary cabins, even at maximum powerscore; some can even have better stats and perks than legendaries themselves, even more when they are upgraded.

i don’t think adding legendary movement parts would “ruin” the balance of epics; we need more unique movement parts; but some of the ideas are sometimes too good for just being an epic, but could be balanced as a legendary;

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I’m sorry, what? What makes you think I said or implied something like that.
I will say that cabins like Beholder, Hadron, and Nova are all quite strong.

I imagine people scrapping it for Electronics. Movement parts like Armored Tracks are hardly used because they’re too slow. Goliaths seem to only be effective in lower PS because they’re aren’t as many high powered weapons that can destroy them/

Yeah, Cockpit cabin is very common in Leviathan CW. Blight Cabin is also really popular for their perk. It’s probably so Devs can sell packs with them.

I would much rather have the devs focus on balancing the parts we already have instead of developing more items.

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but the way you said it is that all legendary parts are “superior” to epics; and thus adding legendary movement parts would make no one use epics anymore, and make minimum CW requirements more expensive;

the only reason i don’t use armored tracks in lower PS vehicles at the moment is solelly the fact that i have upgraded meatgrinders, and because i’m used to them, and i don’t have armored tracks in my inventory at the moment; in some scenarios they are good, and fun to play, most in lower PS

goliaths are current the singlehandly the worst movement part in the game; horrible PS horrid weight, horrid speed; extremelly low health considering it’s size, instantly countered by anything that can pierce, and if you just lose a single one, you are already dead, which is very fast as an enemy does not even need to aim to hit them;

they are extremelly bad in low PS already, and in high PS you will just get laughted at for using them, even ML200s are better because you can actually strafe, have more of them, and you won’t die for losing a single one;
they should be made legendary and revamped in my opinion; but that would need to have the pack removed from sale, as developers do not put legendaries in packs;

the cockpit cabin is honestly a bad example; it only gets used in leviathan CW almost “useless” for 80% of people outside of leviathan CW and if they reduced the perk one more time, so it is 30% there would be no reason to use it at all other than short art vehicles;

a better example is the humpback cabin, permanentelly craftable cabin that has a “superior” perk than cohort in most situations, it can be upgraded to have slightly superior base stats than cohort; there is a reason you don’t see a team of 4 cohorts in CW but you see 3 humpbacks and a single cohort. if it was realy that superior, they would realy be using 4 cohorts instead;

developpers rarelly add movement parts, we almost have no variety of them (exept for wheels) current tracks are “good” at lower pses, but strugle at high PS (exept small track) while some other movement are too good(or were. until becoming trash) for epic rarity, by adding legendary rarity to movement parts, we could have legendary tracks that are good in high PS, balanced in high PS, but don’t work on low PS due to their increased powerscore, so developers woud’nt need to balance current tracks both for high, and low ps

current, it is impossible to balance all movement parts for all PSes, and we don’t have a lot of opitions for movement parts too, so legendary ones could be good;

Okay, notice how Epic Tier movement parts are superior to their Special and Rare? The same will happen to epics. Same goes with most hardware.

I said that is was used in Leviathan CW.

It should also be added that Humpback is a much cheaper cabin than the Cohort. BTW: An upgraded humpback cabin doesn’t have better stats than an unupgraded Cohort.

Why go through the process of developing new tracks when they can improve the ones we already have? Armored Tracks and Tank Tracks need some improvements.

Cohort >>> Humpback. There are specific cases where Humpback makes more sense, and obviously running 4 Cohort is counter-productive since you lose parts of the insanely powerful perk, simply because their activation times overlap.

Cohort is a massive ball of stats, and fusing a Humpback certainly does not allow it to reach the dura, mass and power of even an unfused Cohort. I own both cabs and they’re IMO the best heavies RN, I have builds on Humpback (Kaiju’s a good candidate for HB > Cohort), but saying Cohort, Nova or Beholder did not bring some massive powercreep to the game seems weird to me.



a 7kps build with apc/array wheels will always win against a vehicle that uses goliaths/ml 200 considering they are in the same powerscore if the players both have the same level of skill;

not all epic movement parts are “superior” some are actually worse; and all special/rare movement parts are wheels so the conparsion is honestly not fair, and consideering we have this many wheels due to how traction used to work on old crossout (each wheel would be better or worse depending on the terrain, having different aceleration, grip, and traction)

but now think about it;

a legendary cloak
consumes a single energy point
can only be activated while stationary, but you will stay invisible indefinally as long as you don’t move, shooting or being shot will still take you out of it; and activate it’s cooldown like the regular cloak(moving would too);

it is different than the regular cloak, made for different uses, still too good to be just an epic; but if it was added, people would not just stop using the regular cloak as they work differentelly;

if you want an actual existing ingame exaple, just look at barrier, and aegis

leviathan CW at this point is not even regular crossout; i rarelly see cockpit in actual battles, but when i do people are just using it like the carapace, but with 12 energy;

humpback is lighter, and if upgraded for mass limit, it will have almost the same ammount of mass limit as cohort, and if upgraded for both mass limit and mass reduction, then it just has more “net” or “usable” mass than a stock cohort, while still potentially costing less (i got the upgrade i wanted with just two of them, each costing 600, so 1200 coins) while upgrading a cohort would cost way more, even tho the stats can’t even be utilized so superior than regular;

overally humpback is a cabin made for ofence, cohort is a cabin made for defence; these are two distinct roles, one just can’t be “superior” to another, as each one has it’s better uses, so one can’t just be superior than another;

the problem is, if they get buffed to be “usable” at higher PSes, they will become very overpowered in relation to other movement parts in lower PSes, the adiction of legendary movement parts mean that they can be solelly balanced around higher PS, while the epic ones can be balanced around low-medium PS;

and also, tank tracks are one of the best tracks in the game, they do everything the goliath does but better, while being “superior” than armored track (if you are not going for a smaller vehicle);

in my opinion, both tank track, and goliath, should be made legendary, as they are extremelly hard to balance properly as “epics” the result of this is the goliath was nerfed until uselessness, while tank track is THE superior track for lower PS (and better than goliath is every sircustance, higher speed, less mass, more effective health(it does not get hit as often so survives more, and you can actually move if you add more than 2, or mix movement parts, oh, and it is also raised from the ground!))

but neither can be made legendary, due to them being from packs, and developers have the “rule” to not add legendaries in packs(exept for decor itens);

overally, just look at aegis and barrier, and if the track was like i described, it would only cost the equivalent price of two legendary weapons for a whole setup as you’d only ever need 4, and never more, but it’s PS and mass would be so high that it could be only used properly in high PS, while being awful in low PS, preventing balancing problems;

the way you talk it looks like you belive:

enemy has higher rarity gear than me? in the same PS as me? instant lose!!!

You keep bringing up examples of the really bad items parts. But you don’t acknowledge that moving parts like Bigfoot, Bigram, Small Tracks, and Hovers exist. Those movement parts outperform their Special counterparts.

You can bring up all the examples you want of bad items of a tier. But there are still are items that are better than their counterparts in lower tier.

Barrier is technically a weapon. Although they still are shields, they have some differences. Besides, most hardware tiers are very linear and straight forward in their effects. For example: Apollo has 4 energy compared to GasGen and Bootstrap’s 3.

Cohort can also be fused for Mass limit as well. When fused, they get a mass limit of 26,400. Humpback only gets 22,000. Not only can a player equip the heaviest weapons, they still have plenty of room for Armor. 30% damage resistance is quite nice too. Especially when the perk shares 10-30% damage resistance to some of the allies as well. The upgrades are expensive, but I’m sure it’s well worth it.

The only thing that keeps some of the Epic cabins viable against the legendaries is their perks. Harpy and Blight would be unusable if their perks got nerfed.

Don’t forget that, Humpback’s perk is temporary and they damage bonus goes down after a while.

Moving Tank Tracks and Goliaths to legendary tier is opening a Pandora’s box. Even if they’re Bad or not OP, it opens the door for Developers to release legendary movement parts that are better, or even OP.

I think you need a hearing check.

I feel like we’re not talking about the same things here. The discussion regarding PS is very different from the discussion regarding coins costs.
Sure, legendary movement parts might be balanced by their PS cost in ways that don’t destroy PvP. Doesn’t change anything to the fact that it’ll double the entry price for CW, where PS is absolutely irrelevant.It’s not about “higer rarity = defeat”, I play Whirls in CW and just won a 3v4 instead of giving up after the first lost round (^:. I’d try my best to f*ck up fused relics with Vectors if that was all I had. But dude if I had to play CW with special wheels I’d cry myself to sleep. And movement parts are stupidly tough already endgame. Good luck crippling a 10-legged or 12-wheeled CW monstrosity right now, so imagine if you introduce legendary movement parts. It’ll just promote even more rushing.

For the record, I just ate 13 lances in the side with my Cohort and drove away like it was nothing. Twice, lmao. Wheels best armor.

And even the PS argument is not totally true. Between a 5k PS melee with 4 Hermits, and a 5k PS melee with 4 Large wheels? The one with Large wheels must have more damage, so it compensates, right? But I never see melees at low PS with Large Wheels. Always Hermits or STs :face_with_monocle: