Idea: Clan Pool Leviathan

Clan Pool Leviathan isn’t the best name for my idea, so if you have a better name. I’d love to hear it.

Leviathans is a very unpopular CW mode for a few reasons, such as the insane costs of building and inconsistent auto-aim. I have an idea that could mitigate these issues.

Here are the main points:

  • Members of the clan can donate parts to be used for the construction of the Leviathan (Excluding structure parts)

  • Selected Clan Members can be selected to build the Leviathan.

  • Leviathan speed, mass limit, and tonnage are more dependent on the cabin.

  • Weapon groups (Like Machines, Autocannons, and cannons) and modules (like Aegis, and Chameleon) can be assigned to clan members. One person is selected to drive.

  • Weapon limit increased to 16 Energy

  • Clan Pool Levi can be submitted on the exhibition for anyone to see and test drive. However, only members of the Author’s clan can download it.

  • The group leader chooses which submitted Leviathan to use for CW.

  • Leviathan can be controlled by 3-5 Players.

This idea might solve some of the bigger problems like cost and annoying auto aim. This would also allow for more flexibility to allow people to play.

What if there was an extra CW Session open for Mega CW? This would include the Clan Pool Leviathan with 3 regular cars for this CW session.

This idea most likely won’t be implemented, but I thought it would be a good idea to post.

Edit: Name for post and simplifying a detail.


too soon? :crazy_face:


This is good,

Besides sharing levis, there’s another idea along the same vein:

There should be rental CW players in a special lobby that you can pick up for clan wars and they can share in the profits you would have received. This should be limited so that only clan leaders and officers can hire mercenaries.

There are many times I’ve showed up for a clan wars session and been one or two players short of a team. It would be nice to have some mercenaries to substitute in so that we could get some games going. It would also be a means of players making networks and introducing them to clan wars.

This would work by an unclanned player appearing online, turning on a designation as a mercenary. Then, clans accepting that player would send him invites to play clan wars. He shares in team profits, but then is subject to a harsher resource cap and doesn’t get end of week uranium unless he joins the clan permanently.


These are good ideas, but that is why they will not be added.

They don’t want it to be easy for people to have gear. There is no money in it.

And they obviously don’t care about CWs or they wouldn’t have not left Levi Wars in CWs for so long.

I’m sorry if I’m being negative, but what the F$&@, why can’t they spend time on fixing the piece of :poop: version of clan wars we already have?

Lol, my rage is only directed toward to dev team :joy:

And I second :crazy_face:


Another idea regarding mercenaries:

Most endgame players who leave Crossout and play other games do it because they got in a clan wars spat and don’t want to be tied to a clan again. The only players that stay after that are the ones who really like building things. A mercenary lobby allows someone to have clan wars fun without having to treat Crossout like a virtual job. It might bring some old Crossout players back to the game.

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I understand your frustration. Leviathans were designed to be expensive.

Leviathan are a massive hassle. If the few leviathan players aren’t online. You can’t play CW. Cw already had very limited sessions to begin with.

They’re not even fun to drive. The autoaim is so inconsistent. It takes a long time for MGs and autocannons to engage their targets. Yet it’s super accurate with weapons like Retchers and Yong Wang.

The current state of Leviathans is contributing to the problems that CW is facing.

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I’m a big fan of the mercenary concept.
I also like this leviathan concept.

In the brief time I did any CW, I actually liked leviathan wars. At the time I didn’t have any really viable CW builds, but I had a wide variety of weapons, which helped me make a half decent leviathan.


I got the gear to make more then one Levi. But like you said, they are just not fun to drive.

The biggest problem I have with them is… wait let me fix your quote.

I have been in Levi battles where your team could just press self destruct and the levi guys is still going to win becuase his build is SOOOOO much better then the other team.

And this comes to the thing that bugs me the most…

Levi clans that only get carried by a good levi and when they play regular CWs they get stomped, BUT they will still finish top 20 because they never play real clan wars.

The day they announce Levi Wars are removed for CWs is the day I announce a new top 10 clan I’m starting.

My idea was to mainly help out newer players to be able to pool together their resources to make an reasonably effective Leviathan so they could participate in CW.

CW needs a lot more teams.

It would be cool if this idea was implemented into regular pvp mode. It would be cool seeing 4 leviathans facing each other.

@60915652 , I dislike how much 1 player has over the rest. It’s like the entire team is doomed if they’re leviathan doesn’t have all of the necessary equipment.

Supporting teammates to be useful though. A well placed Incinerator puddle or Fortunes can severely weaken a leviathan. Heck, even a lancer can take out some weapons and cripple it’s mobility.

I hate the autoaim. I felt like I was constantly fighting against it to engage the targets I wanted. I like machine guns and autocannons, by the time the levi, locked on to a target, they ducked behind cover again.

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I get why some people would like it and I would never want it removed for the people that enjoy it. Just put it in its on league.

But Levis really ruined trying hard in clan war for me. You can kick butt all week in regular clan wars sitting pretty at the top, then a clan that is mostly full of bad player but they have an awesome Levi player finishes right next to you even though every time you see those dudes in PvP I can basiclly 3vs1 them…

I know I’m goin off on a tangent but that really pisses me off.

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This is an assumption. There was a player survey before this was added and after it was tested on us live. I am sure we see the result of that player survey.

That being pointed out, I think your base idea is pretty dam good. (keep in mind I don’t play CW).

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When they did those surveys no one really knew what they where asking for. They just wanted something new.

And so much has changed since then, it’s not the same game mode people voted on.

Sadly if you did the vote again all of the Levi Clan guys would vote to keep it because they want easy Ore. it has nothing to do with fun, because when your Ore farming getting Ore twice as fast is always “funnier” right?

But their shouldn’t be a problem with splitting CWs in two. One Levi, one regular. The only ones that would complain are the guys getting carried to the top of regular CWs with a good Levi player.

You both are right. Players have varying opinions on the mode. Some hate the mode, others like it because they can get wins fast, and some genuinely enjoy it.

I also was making an assumption. I’m frustrated in the mode (and CW in general)

I like the ideas of Leviathans, and I enjoy building them. However, I hate driving them and I think the execution could be much better.

I’ve mentioned my dislike for the clunky auto-aim and exorbitant cost. But I also dislike the severe lack of Leviathan Variety. Most clans run Cockpit booster and Yong Wang Leviathans. Anything else is almost always guaranteed loss.
Leviathans don’t reward you for using the Meta, they punish you if you don’t.

My ideas could solve some of these problems.

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Irrc, the survey was after a week of levi wars. There were 3 options for various implementations and 1 for no levi’s.

I was only stating that players voted, which is a big indicator of what people wanted. (I voted no levi’s)

Or do you mean they didn’t understand how the implementation would work?

No. I mean that the idea of being able to play as a Levi sounds very cool.

And “everyone” had a chance to vote.
Not just CW players and at the time even the CW guys didn’t really know how the mode was really going end up, like I said before it is WAAAAY different now then it was the first week of testing.

So if someone asked me “would you love to play as a Levi?” The answer is going to be HELL YEAH! Even though I might not know anything about it.

Also: if I asked the dudes that have no skill in CW “would you like a chance for a single player to carry your clan?” The answer is going to be Yes :slight_smile:

I would also like to see this idea implemented into a regular PVP mode. If implemented correctly, it could be a lot of fun.

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For regular PvP I would like to be able to save blueprint that are 2, 3, or 4 cars merged together and then when you log in a match (with a team that has all the cars loaded) the cars are already connected and you don’t have to spend time to link them together.

I also think that might be a good option for you new Levi mode.

So your not really “sharing items” but using the one you have on your part of the car.

That idea maybe an easier sell for the dev team too.


It would be nice if the cars using the Contact 2m enters battle already fused.


Yeah, it’s not the same thing your talking about. :slight_smile:

But it would be awesome.

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More fun game modes are always welcome.

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