Idea for a new mode

For the longest time I would cringe when someone asked me to do a fused-build with them. I always found it annoying, consuming alot of time and effort, me always being stuck in the rear, and, worst of all, wasting a blueprint slot. :unamused: I would go along as a favor, if I couldn’t make up a novel excuse not to (“can’t right now, gotta take a dump”).

The other day I was asked by a friend of a friend to play it, so I reluctantly did. He gave me a model to use and modify as needed, and I could see he put some effort into it; so I made some changes and after a few trial runs on the adventure map, we went into pvp combat. Now I usually avoid pvp as a general rule, so I was like “oh sh!t”…

We did surprisingly well. He had two lower-mounted cyclones, I had two higher-mounted starfalls (to clear his cabin). Our team won 4 of 5 battles. I’ll admit I did lose the starfalls in 2 of the battles. He then asked if I could use cyclones, so I switched, and now we had 4 cyclones pounding away. We won 3 out of 4 with that configuration. I actually had fun in pvp.

So I was thinking, why not have a 6-player pvp mode, where each team forms 3 builds from 2 players fusing, or even 2 builds from 3 players fusing. Sorta like mini-leviathans. Set a fixed ps limit like they do in CC, and let the folks have at it. I think it would be more popular than regular clan wars, and you could fuse with anyone (you’d have to work with the other guy ahead of time to make sure the connectors are in the right place, of course, and ensure your weaponry complements each other).

Programmatically, this should be easy, because you can actually do it now, so they would just need to code the management of the mode (similiar to a custom battle, I’d assume).

Any thoughts?


Great idea, but I don’t think we have a big enough playerbase.
Maybe if they get crossplay going?

Sounds cool, but i don’t have my contact anymore… :sob: