Idea for better game balance and keeping new players from quitting

I’ve thought about this for awhile and apologize if it’s already been suggested, but I just wanted to put this out there. With the devs so-called balance changes every so often based on the PS of the part I noticed that it helps at only certain ranges of power scores, which they specifically call out in the patch notes. These changes always seems to mess things up outside of this power score range. A quick example would be the Meat Grinders, increasing the mass and PS helped stopped the meta combined with Goblins from being used at low power score battles, but hurt their performance at higher power score battles, especially for an epic part. There are many more examples of this, the meta is almost always more effective at low power score battles because of 1 or 2 high level parts.

Here is my idea, limit the level of part based on the power score of the vehicle to be used in battle (PVP, PVE, Brawls and Raids).

  • Vehicle power score below 4000 is limited to rare level parts and below only
  • Vehicle power score 4001-6000 limited to special level parts and below only
  • Vehicle power score 6001-9000 limited to epic level parts and below only
  • Vehicle power score above 9001 has no limits on part levels used

Note: limits placed on game modes only, like the devs have done in the past, limiting specific weapons or modules. Art builds posted on Exhibition should not be affected.

Think about it, back when you first started how you would feel going up against players who had legendary or even relic weapons and all you had was a simple rare level machine gun, why would you want to continue playing and grinding. Also before anyone suggest, yes I’m guilty of this, using legendary weapons in lower power scores than what I just suggested, especially in Clan Confrontations, but would be happy to be limited to only Epic level parts if it means we can get more players in to this game. Having this change would mean new comers wont have to deal with over powered vehicles with parts they can’t get right away, they may not mind the grind of the game and stick around, which would expand the player base and in the long run probably make Gaijin more money, which is a necessity to keep the game around, it’s still a business and has operating costs.

I’m not much of a programmer, but I would imagine that this might make balancing the game easier for the devs. I’ve been playing Crossout for almost 3 years now racking up over 4000 hours and have noticed that most of the balance changes are due to high level parts being used in low power score battles, because someone figured out that it gives them an OP advantage, I think the term is called seal-clubbing, forgive me, I’m old. :smile:

Anyways that’s my idea, the power score ranges I leave up to the devs to what would work best, I just used what I’ve seen seems to be power score range issues that’s been in patch notes and what people have complained about. I don’t really except much, I just needed to put it out there, I probably should have posted it on Crossout’s reddit thread since I’ve noticed that’s where all of the News articles says to discuss them, but I don’t have a reddit account and don’t feel like creating one. Please feel free to post it there if you think it’s a good idea or to have a good laugh at me either way. Oh, one last thing as you might be able to tell by my profile I’m not very active in this forum so please don’t feel like I’m ignoring you if you reply to me and I don’t get back to you. If you got this far thanks for reading and hope to see you playing in Crossout.

That would limit creativity. I don’t agree with it. A different system would be the game attempting to pair you with people with similar weapons and armor. I know this would be horrendous for queue times but hear me out. It would solve lower PS having high PS parts, because you’d expect to be going into a 4000 PS game with something like a mandrake or reaper, then be thrown into a game with people 5000 PS ahead of you because you’ve got a legendary and 2000 hp. It’d severely discourage seal-clubbing, because the seals you intend to club are on the same level you are.

It’s been suggested a few times a few different ways. It normally ends up getting rejected as the general nature of the game is put anything on anything and just try to have fun with it.

As far as PS brackets though I do think we could probably add more brackets into CC to try to get things tightened up as far as that goes. It would probably help with some of the longer time ques at the lower end of the PS ranges as CC for some of the low PS ranges isn’t well advertised to players. Just some of my passing thoughts on it.

CC’s mostly what I’ve been playing rather than general PVP.

It’s scary the first time you encounter legendary and relic weapons as a new player, but I also found it exciting.
Getting out of the kiddie pool and getting killed by crazy weapons made me want to play more seriously and unlock those cool toys.

I do wonder if maybe PS brackets might help the new player experience. Currently we have PS limits that you need to exceed to play certain modes. But with Clan Confrontation it’s the opposite, and you have to stay below a limit.
What if you couldn’t go above 5kPS for scrap battles and easy raids? And a 9kPS cutoff for wires and medium raids. Batteries and hard raids would be anything goes.
They could still try to have PS matchmaking going on within those brackets, but it might be a way of keeping some sharks out of the kiddie pool.
Might also help teach new players about optimizing builds.

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when i first encountered harvesters it really pissed me off how easily they could kill me being such a low level. when i came across a relic it was frustrating to deal with them due to how powerful they were. what really made me dread them is how long it took to actually get one. to get a single relic would take you countless months if not a year to get just one of them. if you play clanwars it might be possible to get one in less then a year but thats only if your team wins uranium and gets in one of the top spots to keep collecting uranium. sadly uranium is locked behind clan wars and its mostly only for try hards. i was never in a top clan and i consider myself lucky getting the relics i have currently. do i want more relics? of course i do. will i get another one anytime soon? possibly not.

some of the weapons i hated the most were harvesters due to the ungodly amount of hp they had, lancelots which could 1 shot you every time, boom sticks which ran the same way as lances and porcs. running into a porc as a low level player is an immediate death sentence as it will cripple you instantly.

I think a lot of us went through that issue.

That’s my thought on it too but just for the CC stuff not the general sandbox combat.

i’ll toss my 2cents here…
seal clubbing does not happen 'cuz of game balance, it happens 'cuz of sh*** players with a “god complex”… and unfortunately, devs can’t do anything about that.
so even if they (the devs) try to limit it in some way, those same sh*** players will simply find another way to seal club…a sad as this sounds…

Let’s be real : If you are limited to certain parts, it will not remove the seal clubbing meta, just change it. I remember that at some point the best seal clubbing build were using blue weapons : Borers on a tanky build or spitfires on… basically anything, those weapons were op. I am not against having brawls where you are limited with rarity for creativity’s sake but I don’t think the game would gain to have limits in rarity baseline. If some legendaries are too good at low ps it just mean that legendaries ps should be increased (and to be frank, I am not sure it is the case).
On top of that you will create an extra frustration for new players. If for instance they get a nice and shiny purple part for their ultra low ps build, it will not feel good to have the game tell them that they need to add 1000 ps (that they may not be able to add) to play that weapon.

It can be fun, but not if it’s a bot with a punisher at 5k PS (I have actually encountered this).

or dual masty at 9k :rofl:

You sure it’s a Mastodon?
There is a dual Mammoth build at 9k, and I’m fairly certain there’s a Mastodon/Mammoth build at 9.5k - 10k, but I’m not too sure about the dual Mastodon…

then its the mammoth nd masty then, i dont play close range unless i need to nd cannons i like to keep my distance from lol

My short answer is no. I’ll devellop a bit further

When I started 4k PS was full hover scorp teams lol. PS changed a lot since then

That’s what the power score is for. Making rarity-tiers brings more problems than anything. Becase then you cannot compete unless you have a full rare build. Or a full special build. Etc. It’s far more toxic for new players and isn’t needed if power score is properly balanced to begin with. And it mostly is rn.

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My ideas would be
-actually balance out the clearly overperforming weapons and parts you see 85% of the userbase using rather than doing some wonky changes instead to pretend you’re doing something and not touching the OP parts at all in fear of loosing the whales
-free uranium from clan wars so people actually want to grind the game for fun instead of being forced to participate if they ever want to even look at relics and won’t need to put all time and resources into grinding out a cookie cut CW metabuild so they can grind out uranium
-free badges from clan confrontation I know you guys are trying to hard to force players to play and trying to create another point of forced grinding with having to now grind for a diet clan wars (confrontation) cookie cut meta cheese build but honestly it’s not fun and people don’t want to play things that are not fun

Short version of all of that would be “Get your heads out of your asses and tone down the player milking and greed”

my idea for balance is raise ps on stuff by alot so higher tiers cant go in low tier like relics would be set at 10k ps on the weapons nd gen ect so on so forth but we all know that wont happen cuz then they will increase weight which r 2 different things nd only ps needs to be changed like the increase of energy on everything like what is that gonna stop lol nothing cuz ppl can still go in low ps, this is why i make fun cuz cant ppl just sit back nd just use their brain instead of (goonie) types giving goonies ideas :joy: :rofl:

to be fair they’re doing better with balance than at some point. I would like to see a very subtle pass over weapons, but with the coming energy change, we’ll see where things go.

Balance yes It could repair it only filter match making about PS level. I think we can start at 7k-8 000, 8 001-9 000,9 001-10 000,10 001-11 000, 11 001-12 000, 12001-13 000, 13 001-14 000, 140001-15 000, 15 001k+. This is the way. Of course the same match rules like PVP they have patrols with helicopters and without why that isn´t at PVE, PVE have only back on patrol and patrol and both with helicopters. PVE players want too Patrol with helicopters and without, still the PVP players have prefernces, in old days have preference campaing and PVE coop world quests. Old good old dasy gone.