Idea for improving the paint system

The paint system was a little more versatile and open to player creativity. If they separated out the texture elements, pigment/pattern, finish type into separate sprays it would be more interesting and allow for a lot more player created combos.

Such as a player could use a texture element present on the paint heat with a different pigment. Or the Texture pattern from the Pant Lava with a different pigment or pattern. Similarly a paint like the Ravagers plating that has a high level of transparency could just be shifted to the Top-coat layer so a base pigment could be applied.

Texture elements:
None: default texture of the part.
Primer: Gives a clean texture.
Texture type: Gives the texture indicated by the individual type.

This is pretty self explanatory basically the colors or patterns that you want to apply. They pretty much would remain unchanged.

Added from replies:
Pattern scaling in X or Y or via % would be appreciated.
A method of doing two tone - Paintable large Sticker that takes a pigment or pattern.
Detail level painting of designated areas on items. This could work with a key bind to show the detail areas which could then be sprayed independent colors or patterns.

Finish or topcoat:
Flat - a non-glossy topcoat
Low Luster - A soft gloss
Satin: A medium gloss
Semi-gloss: Medium high gloss
High-gloss: High gloss
Pearl: A high gloss with a opalescent accent color(s)

I was thinking about suggesting this but wanted to grab some feedback on it first.


That would be cool, giving the player more control over the paints.

Would the Devs have to apply all of these options to each part in the game though?


If the positioning data is the same those settings should copy over for the most part (like textures and patterns) so they would land in the same place. Things like finish and topcoats are normally able to be handled via extra maps but it really depends on how they set up the game engine in the first place.

Generally the glossiness is handled via a numeric value rather than being in the actual color map itself so I wouldn’t have much impact.

There could be an issue if they burn the textures on the maps though.

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I’d also like to be able to paint in sections. I don’t want to always paint a single part a whole swath of color. Maybe I want my whole build to be 2-tone with a specific line where the color changes?

Little things like that would be major quality of life enhancing to me.

Editing to add: They could do this by making blank “vinyl wrap” stickers which are paintable.


I asked to detail painting a long time ago in the old idea forum. but it was more specific to painting pre-defined areas like changing the bar colors on dawns children and lunatics’ parts independently. Or A window trim…

A paintable masking sticker would probably be a nice way of doing what your talking about though.

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I would like to enlarge multiple patterns so I could have a cool looking pattern like ERDL or Tiger stripe that looks good on my build

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Scaling I think should be possible in both x and y cords that’s pretty standard to have in 3d apps.

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This highly detailed customizable would be nice.
First question come to my mind is that can our PC handle it. Maybe we can skip some details when in combat.

Nice idea, I remember seeing something like that suggested a very long time ago and IIRC the devs simply said that wasn’t really possible since it would require a rework of all textures for all parts in the game or something.

I just want a “replace paint” button that would replace the paint on a part you’re aiming at with the paint you have selected on all parts painted with that same paint. So you could keep your chrome bumpers and black underside or whatever and just replace the main paint and so on.

I would just like to see unavailable paints be available, and not cost hundreds of coins. They’re cheaper at Home Depot ™.