[idea] new large versions of some pieces from the Nomads faction and the Rise of the Machines event

Hello, I wanted to share a small idea of ​​large versions of some pieces from the Nomads faction and the Rise of the Machines event, there are only 5 new pieces based on existing pieces.

Quantity per piece:
-avia wide slope large, 6 pieces
-fairing bottom large, 2 or 4 pieces
-fuselage slope large, 2 pieces
-oblique slope semi wide, 4 pieces
-oblique slope wide semi large, 4 or 6 pieces

design and statistics:


I’d agree there are a lot of parts like that in the game that could be either doubled in size, halved, or quartered. There’s a large lack of 4x3x1 parts just in general too.


yes please. we need more varieties of parts. im always trying to find parts thatll go in a 3 x 4 area or something thats 1 x 2 or 1 x 3 or anything inbetween. we need more smaller pieces of armor and even a few more larger pieces.

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We need more parts and all the previous BP parts need to be handed out for free at this point.


I’d like a servo mechanism that lets you raise or lower other things, like weapons. And a swiveling platform that you can mount limited-movement weapons (eg. tsunami cannon) on.

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I asked for a scissor lift platform once on the old forum but not many people liked the idea. The rotating platform has also been brought up a number of times. The argument over that use to be energy cost as the limited angle weapons have reduced energy cost.

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Re: rotating platform
You could make it a module that costs energy, although that might be too much.

Or it could be implemented as a cabin perk, which would basically make the upper half of the cabin pivot, while the lower half would attach to frames in the normal way. Ideally the cabin would be short and wide, and it would rotate relatively quickly.

What would be a dream scenario for me would be if they introduced a variety of suspension modules, which would be parts that could be mounted between frames and movement parts. One of the options could be a rotating platform like you’d see in construction equipment. Attach tank tracks (or whatever) to the bottom, attach frame pieces to the top. Entire build would pivot on the movement parts. Of course most suspension modules would be more conventional: adjustable height, better handling, smoother ride (ie less spread during movement), etc.