Idea of remaking Varun

I guess you guys initially planned to make a weapon that uses a charge mechanic to achieve higher damage but still maintain balance, but now, it’s more like a sustained damage weapon, so turn it into a loading weapon, similar to Astraeus, reload first and then charge, can fire directly without charge but low damage, the difference is that the crossbow charge time is much longer, and the damage first increases with time and then decreases

I am just want to tell you that I am also having a same question and I am new here Please any one let me know abot that.

Varun’s design is mind-boggling. Why, why they remade a macro weapon after fixing plasma emitters, no one will ever know :face_with_monocle:

Too bad, it was quite fun to finally have a decent burst + DPS weapon, something that stands between Scorps and Punishers.