Idea: Sabotage Raids - A framework for competitive raids for bands and clans (brainstorming)

I found myself thinking about how to do competitive raids using 2 simultaneous teams while not directly allowing pvp in the actual conflict. Rather than that, in-game objectives would be employed to indirectly influence what is going on in the other team’s match on their own map instance. So basically, you’d be messing with their environment and mission difficulty via acts of sabotage more so than messing with the players themselves. The actions themselves are to be worked into the objectives and sub-objectives of the raids. As well as there being a general lack of PVE experiences worthy of contributing to CC rating scores.

This would be using Ravagers as a common enemy to start with. I think the idea could be expanded to other factions, but I’d prefer to start with the easiest to pit against everyone. This also allows for some use of already designed game objects from past brawl/raid events. It plays off the idea of the enemy of my enemy is my friend whereas you might not want a rival squad to get ahead of you.

At the start of the match, you can pick 1 of 3 builds that you’ve registered with the mode. (Keeping this the same as the other CC mode. The PS range would be hard capped: 5 - 9k (Should be a little more difficult than a normal raid.) I’d really like power scaling to function correctly with this which is why it’s hard capped. It also reduces the number of cheesy exploits players might find too.

Both teams get a randomly picked map. I had it in my head that it might be good if these could be rotated on the quarter to give 4 starting positions. (You need less maps then.) If done this way it would give players 16 different pathing run through experiences even though some portions would be similar. This allows 1 of 3 finish pathways with a center common branch not including any sub routes. (The idea of pathing is more waypoint to waypoint so it can accommodate open maps.)

These are examples of effects for completing objectives in stages: (Each stage would correspond to an enemy level.): Buff opposing team’s enemy bots (offensively, mobility, defensively.) through buffing opposing team’s enemy boss: (offensively, mobility, defensively.)

Examples of side objective completion effects on the other team: Some of these side objectives should be counter-able meaning if a player from the opposing team can perform the necessary actions in a set time the effect is negated.)
Call reinforcements.
Enhance enemy sensors.
Map alteration sabotage of structures. (Think tower falling, bridge breaking. Mine field…) These can block pathways and necessitate alternative routes to run clocks down.
Engage airstrikes.
Disable enemy objective. (Maybe some objectives if started by the enemy team, once started can’t be started by the other.)

Scoring ideas: (If it’s competitive enough I wouldn’t mind seeing CC points awarded via something like this.) Timed: The longer it takes less points are awarded, Points when an objective completion kills an opposing team member, General Combat points, Bot kills and assists, Patches earned, Objectives completed, Enemy Objectives Countered… It must be calculated in a way that one team wins though taking the larger share of the prize.

I’m assuming via the ps bracket this should get plastic and cost 40 fuel.

I could use some help coming up with additional ideas that are actually do-able. Try too self-moderate if you can on them. Map, enemy build ideas, things from events that might work…

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I was thinking something free-form like Operation Gozu might mesh well for some parts with this:

I know not everyone liked that one though. I did think the event was a little to easy but the map and combat was kind of ok. It allowed you to go your own way while at the same time letting a player potentially get overrun. The map was interesting with with enough different topologies and structures to work with something like this too. I’m not saying use this map but look at the aspects it has.

Unfortunately I’m really not sure if the contagion events would work for this, I didn’t bother with those very much and just remember hearing complaints about them.

Craptastic play through: (honestly didn’t look for a good one was like puppet is fine, lol.)

There’s bridges and buildings that could come down like I mentioned as map alteration sabotage of structures to cut off routes.

Scoring: I was thinking it would be nice if there was a way to figure out if a players intention was to sneak or brawl. Doesn’t have cloak (dmg given vs taken) vs has cloak (cloak time, dmg taken, dmg given on coming out of cloak or similar). I don’t want to give an advantage to having one but at the same time if they have one and are not using it that’s kind of a fail on themselves. So maybe there’s a way to do perception range tracking where if you sneak buy a close enemy while in stealth you get points.

Your suggestion, while decent, it is better suited for 2D games without combat mechanics…

Hence the pvp-pve without the actual pvp-pve is needed, and thats why its will feel redundant here.

I could be integrated with pve though, to an extend.

What? There is no pvp in this it’s just pve making your comment confusing and how are you going to be integrated with pve?