Idea: total PS brawl

I have a vague memory of an old special event that used part of this concept, but I can’t remember what it was.

My concept is a special event brawl where two teams fight (preferably on bigger event maps), but the balancing is done purely by total team PS.
So let’s say the event limit was set at 60 000PS, each team’s total PS is as close to that cap as possible. But there’s no limit to player PS or the number of players on a team.

This means if a group of high PS players enter, they might only be the four of them alone on one team against a swarm of low and mid PS players.

One of the few things I like about raids is that you can get a 15kPS monster on the same team as a little 2kPS car, and suddenly the scale of the game feels more real. I would just love to see a full battlefield of cars spanning the full
range of crossout PS levels. Big bruisers getting covered by little scouts, and vice versa.

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So… I recently played with some friends & family in the game-creator thing, and that’s similar to what we did. I can build the highest PS build by far, so it was generally 4 on 1. Lots of fun. Total chaos.

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