If Mr.G can use Hovers just fine after the update why can't you?

He is using the slow hovers which are not anywhere near as effected as the other ones.

why he going to 0.8…? just go to 1.0 and use mouse wheel to zoom in and out…this guy brain dead?
Ug…Fire Bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


I can finally fly my hover :slight_smile:


the 75 KPH ones work great, making for an effective medium class vehicle.

the 95 kph ones… yeah good luck they suck.

[If Mr.G can use Hovers just fine after the update why can’t you?]

Bc he uses garbage low ps breaker hover? Try to use high ps boxed in puni or scorp hover. Good luck with it

I traded my tonnage hovers for fast ones, and I’m happy.
To be fair, I barely played hovers before, but I’m enjoying them a lot now. I guess my hover building style suits the new physics?

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My point still stands, he doesn’t even build, he uses other people build lol

My point still stands, those aren’t even his builds he takes them from the ex, my point was/is he nowhere near a good player but he still used those hovers just fine

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My point will not change eiter, he plays garbage with garbage build, give him boxed in puni or scorp high ps build and lets talk again lmao

Still not getting my point, want me to spell it out for you!

If someone with Mr.G level of skill can play hovers just fine after the update then people who have skill shouldn’t be complaining
:cheese: :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: For everyone’s whine!


You also dont get my point, let me explain it to you.
If the average player can move forward or backwards with hovers does it mean that theres nothing wrong with them and you can use them competitive on high ps or cw?
Yoour point of view is killing me :rofl:

The literal only thing I can think of as people play pretend that blue hovers suck… is “How much Copium will need to be mined to help these poor souls who are flipping out RN”.

Then I read over the names… and remember that most of the people complaining either haven’t played in months and it’s really rich for them to threaten to quit or complain about -anything-… or… they’re alts. ::shrug::

And From there I just smile and nod and go play and have fun with blue hovers while they tantrum in the dirt uselessly.

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Can I see your build you’re using? Im too lazy to start up my pc crossout and check your profile. Thx

I may accept your challenge…
I 've got something brewing involving Hovers.

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Punishers are easy mode on hovers.

You attack me for no good reason then report my responses?

I see we’re having a

Party, so I joined in!!!

As I said before but it was removed from this thread, I’ve answered to your question from the title and you call it attack? What about other ppl in this thread they attacked you too? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Grow up kiddo and dont look for problems and yes you’re completely right I also reported my own posts :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I could see someone like you doing that, good you answered my question now move along now, all the lollipops are gone

Only you came across aggressive, calling me a kiddo is actually a compliment! Thank you

Aggressive wishing you “good luck”?

Sry I didnt know you’re that soft , need a hug? :crazy_face: