If you got to choose a set of weapons

If you got to choose a set of legendary weapons you would be given for free, that can’t be sold away, with any fusion you want them to have out of the ones available to them, what would you get?

I’d get two Reapers with -17% mass, penetration ability +20%, projectile speed +15%

there isnt many weapons id want. its between 2x hurricanes, 2x cyclones, 2x helios, 2x retchers, 2x athenas, 2x arbiters, 2x nidhoggs or 2x vindicators.

reasons are:

hurricanes, haha i know funny joke. id just want them for reload speed and just to have a rocket launcher that has homing missiles… even though everything in the game can counter these…

cyclones: why not? cyclones are good and always have been. plus i like auto cannons and i already have 1 not fused.

helios: would go nice with the other two i have to give a big damage boost. durability, charge time, projectile speed.

retchers: farther range and damage would be nice. i have 2 unfused but i need more dangit! damage, durability, projectile speed.

athenas: just for the lols. i dont need them but having them would be nice. just to have another weapon to do heat damage. not like we dont have enough of those!

arbiters: because i have 4 of these with 3 not fused. i need more.

nidhoggs: i have 1 fused already, 2 more would be my collection gotten. durability, reload time, spread.

vindicators: idk just cause i only have 1. make a set out of them?

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2 Mandrakes. Perhaps for puddle size, if that’s an option, +hp… not sure what else. I just want a full set of artillery (already have the heathers, got em’ from a minipass).

If they were viable.
As far as i’m concern i never encounter other weapon where i had as much fun as Spitfires

About the full artillery set…

I suddenly found myself in possession of a large number of coins:

For me, legendary weapons I want is a pair of reapers or a set of Toadfish with the + impulse fusion to send opponents flying off into space. There isn’t much more fun in Crossout than shooting a hover at the edge of its build with reapers and causing it to spin uncontrollably as it is pushed backwards. This is great on regular reapers and I think + impulse would be even more fun.

Launching builds with Toadfish also looks like a lot of fun but I’ve never had Toadfish.

Unfortunately, the game never offers the +impulse fusion on any crafting table. If you want extra impulse, you have to fuse it yourself.

I’m getting 5 upgraded vindicators which is gonna take quite the chunk out of my bankroll but that’s it. The machinist has finally tanked so it is that time.

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3-4 fused Toadish with Mass, Impulse from hit and Rate of fire

No thanks. Don’t want any. I schit-canned all the ones I had accumulated from passes or wherever. If I was given more I would schit-can them too.

Finally got my vindicators

Screenshot 2024-04-23 044242

turn em into a beyblade! let it riiiiiiiiip!

idk if you remember a long time ago the clarinet had a ridiculous amount of impulse to it. imagine if the toadfish had that much impulse per hit LOL youd send them into the wall so hard it would destroy their very existence! :rofl:

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