If you liked slaughter

Bad news…



I guess I was one of the few players who actually liked the mode. Devs try something new, people automatically b!tch and whine, then wonder why the devs don’t put more into the game.


It’s always sad to have less content.

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Oh nice, if I come back to the game at least that shit will be gone

The mode is still a brawl, nothing lost

I enjoyed it… a lot.

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the mode is still here,i just quit 1 :crazy_face:

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I actually like slaughter for PVP more than I do normal PVP as I can try out crazier tactics and not waste an entire match but I hate when they push the rewards down to scrap.


y so u can re spawn?
u want every pvp match to re spawn?

keep it brawl mode…
better yet ‘put it in clan wars’ do u like it now? :kissing_heart:

Not what I’m saying. I said I enjoy it more not that I want to make all PVP that.

Slaughter deserves to be it’s own mode (be it brawl or something else) as it has different win conditions. I do enjoy the respawn it reminds me of frag matches from other older pvp fps games. If I were to do anything with it I’d just leave it as an alternate pvp mode with it’s own selection option. Then for the weekends maybe do rotating restrictions (movement, weapons, cab weight class…) to keep things interesting .


ya …a brawl…but not pvp :yum:

That would still be classified as pvp as it’s not pve…

its in brawl,its not in pvp…2 very different things in this game. :shushing_face:

It’s general classification a brawl can be pvp or pve…

nope,sorry…pvp you can’t respawn…try again… :saluting_face:

pvp just stands for player vs player it’s used anytime there is player vs player the win condition doesn’t matter in that usage of the term.

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yup…but no respawn stands for ‘No Respawn’…still wanna play? :rofl:

Mud go back to the beer your being sad again.