If you want to be heard, the time is now!

people say the devellopers are not listening, but this is untrue…

well, it is true that they made this forum so nobody here could be heard offcourse…

but recently, the developers have been frequently reaching out to players…

we got a post recruiting builders to build vehicles for them…

posts asking feedback from players on audio…

we got even a post about part suggestions!

and now a posts asking players for feedback on the new co-drivers…

but a simple thing to realize…

the posts made by developers asking for feedback from players are made on reddit…

so go there if you want to be heard…


Yup, I actually was the one who posted that post in the forums

Yup, thus why people think they’re not listening as some don’t use reddit, I don’t own an account so only time I go on it is via their links in the post they do in the news section

Yup, common sense you go to the place where you’ll be heard!

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No no, you guys stay here and complain. No sense in flooding reddit with crybaby posts too.

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The best decision would be to reach out not on plebbit only but here as well.

The best thing they could do is always post a news story for the feedback requests. I don’t bother with there normally so I’d never see it unless they post elsewhere about it.

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whats the point of this forum if they are only gonna answer people on reddit then lol, would be better if they had just shut it down

i see you complaining more than anyone here honestly

We both know that’s not true.

Like really? Are you daft? Me getting frustrated at people always complaining equates to me being the complainer? That’s idiotic… Don’t refute the complainerrs or I get labelled as a complainer? Your an idiot.

Maybe they are asking questions, just not the right ones.

They still have not fixed all the stuff we asked them to fix while they where listening.

Also side note: “Community Managers” are not developers.

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like that’s the only thing you complain about, lol

that angry reply really proves my point

But my point still stands, as if the devellopers did not want to hear about it, they woudn’t have instructed a comunity manager to ask us

But honestly, the fact that most plebbit users think that sideways hovers are “Over-Powered” because the game engine can not calculate “sideways damage” (damage to the sides of your vehicle) properlly due to it being “over loaded”

And also the fact that they think the same as well but because hovers “move faster strafing than fowards and back” which does not make any sense consideering “sideways hovers” spend most of their time “strafing” which is going fowards and backwards…

They literally not only want to the devellopers to remove straffing as a whole from hovers, but they want them to get their maximum speed reduced to 55, to have their acceleration reduced to the one of a quad goliath build, and make them float 70% lower than currently…

This is not “multiples suggestions” they want ALL of them AT THE SAME TIME!

I hosnestly do not want those people to have hand in the future of crossout…


I second this

And like I said, they don’t ask the right questions, it is all fluff.

If they really cared about what people thought about the game then we would have more “In Game” polls and get everyone’s thoughts.

They already have the tool to get the information they just don’t use it. The Reddit stuff is Social Network PR, this is just marketing.