I'm at lvl 61 and 2025 exp of battlepass, am I able to get 1300 lighters by the end?

I’m at lvl 61 and I missed a lot of dailies but if I wont miss any from now on, am I able to get enough lighters for 2 legendaries? (I have 450 lighters already)

If you meant getting lighters by simply leveling up without purchasing levels, you’re on the blade here. First legendary is something you will be able to get, since BP itself provides with 650 lighters. You’re gonna need 650 lighters for a second one. Roughly 220000 BP exp AFTER you finish the main 75 levels. So you’re gonna need 6.1 weeks of grinding (again, AFTER level 75). Compare it with the remaining season time and see for yourself. If you won’t buy additional levels, you’re gonna need 295000 BP exp, starting with level 61. With that you’re gonna need 8.3 weeks of grind.

Its hard to say. If we get bp challenges right up until the end day you can may be able to afford another legendary with lighters, but im doubtfull.

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Funny… I kinda’ asked a similar question in this thread:

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Remember, the big group of weeklies will end weeks before the season ends, you will only have daily ones for the last month. unless i missed where they changed it from the announcement.


Thanks… I didn’t realize that. I’m going to quote you over there for anyone else who needs that info.
It does change the math a bit, doesn’t it? :upside_down_face:

We can get 35500 exp every week by completing all daily missions, weekly missions and additional missions. If you want exchage the second nothung, you need to reach the level 119 to get 1300 lighters, alomst need to earn 220000 exp after you reaching level 75, which will spend more than 6 weeks.
You are at level 61 now, so i am sorry to tell you that it is hard to gain the all 286975 exp in these weeks.