Im back to 0

i haven’t play Crossout for more than 3 year’s
these past 3months i have been ‘‘frozen’’ and “Suspended” and today
I finaly got my account back when i loged in all my stuff is gone and back to lvl 1
was there a wipe or somethin plss help

I guess make sure your using the right account. Have seen a bunch of people stop for a while and come back and use a wrong log in due to misremembering what it was.

Other option is contact support and then wait about a month

It’s this account i only use 1 email for games i’m 100% sure

That’s Wierd. Back to lvl 1? I mean I’d nderstand if you were your original level and your inventory is gone.

Devs might have reset your account by accident. I’m not sure how you can get all your stuff back if you have no proof of inventory and they lost the records of it. Send Devs all the pics and vids of your account you can I guess.

And hope either they find your old account records and restore your account to its former glory or they at least give you untradeable versions of what you can prove your account had.

I wish you luck sir. That is a major bummer.

I had a similar experience with WoW. I stopped playing for six months. And while I was gone blizzard changed its account services, and during their switch they lost my account, and it was gone. They wouldn’t reimburse me my charectors. So I bought coin. Got to max lvl and then they banned that account. Blizzard has trash customer services.

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this is truly odd…I came back after a long abscence to find my inventory was gone but my lvls were still there…I’d suggest submiting a ticket to customer suppert…thats what I had to do

Winter Your account was hacked and someone stripped all your inventory down so they could buy all your stuff off the market cheap. If you still had all your levels.

yeah got ahold of sustomer service and they restored most of my stuff…which was nice…course now its all marked as non-tradable/upgradable…which is less good…but its all good