I'm confused about high and low movement parts

I can have this, no problem.

But i can’t have this

I’m confused
they are the same size

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my gf will say different :crazy_face:


Stallion/camber (and low clearance, I think) are “super low” movement parts because of the variable suspension (not for the low clearance, it’s just small). This is a feature I’ve pointed out before. The implementation of the feature in the first image would have taken too long to get right and required multiple balance changes, or at least that’s what it sounded like to me.


thank you for the clarification

I don’t think it means you can’t combine those wheels. Isn’t the colour difference just reminding you that they are at different levels?
I was under the impression that if the lower wheels still touch the ground, they contribute to tonnage, but if they are suspended in the air they don’t.

Now I’m wondering if I need to check some of my tilted builds to see if they are actually getting the tonnage from the smaller wheels.

It’s recalculated with a two second delay, if I remember correctly