I'm digging ashes a lot...but

This is my regular PVE build.

It’s nice, but it looks standard, i’ve tried to painted in other ways, i was near but never there.
I decided to go for a paint that i never used before. ASHES with a bit of black not quite monochromatic ( there’s also white) or a bit more.

How do i do paints?
How do i get the shade i want?

I have 4 shades of black
Midnight - very cool mate
Dark Chrome - Shiny black
Gladiator’s skin
One of the problems with this is different weapons look different with the same paint.

I would like to have a shiny AsHes to give that Imperial look

A nice black paint to have is “soot”. It’s a true, deep black, without being fully metallic. It runs about 120 coins. “Shadow of success” is decent, but seems to have a faded look…it’s sorta the poor man’s black.

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I think marine grey could be what i’m looking for