I'm genuinely impressed

So I just discovered this:


I have a lot of problems but really? A maximum of replies?


Neat. So, they’ve put a hard limit on traffic? That seems counterintuitive. They really don’t want people on their forum? We get a soft ban for simply replying to posts now. Brilliant.
I’m afraid to log on to the actual game at this point.
WTF is actually happening?
“For the SAFTY of our community?”
Good grief.
I’m probably about out of social credit for making comments at this point so I guess it’s probably time to leave.


Sounds good to me. Some people post way too much. cough OP cough

This allows others to get their opinions in instead of just the same guy replying to every post in the entire forum while they try to boost their upvote counts. Now you have to use your replys intelligently instead of just making a new reply for every thought that goes through your mind.

+1 to devs for that


It would be awesome if it could differentiate and limit the amount of stupid replies one makes.

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Does that same principal apply to the Reddit forum they are herding us towards? I don’t do Reddit. I’ve never even had a passing interest (still don’t), so IDK. Seems like they are inviting a lot more schitposts by moving us there.
Is it possible that this game is on it’s death-bed and this forum update is some kind of way to salvage man hours by creating a simpler bot-driven forum, thus prolonging the life and viability of maintaining this game, like an alternative to just giving up the ghost here at Crossout?
It’s not very popular. I like it, but the general gaming public doesn’t seem to. Even some of the people who do still play it kind of hate it too.
So, if this is like some kind of effort to save this game, then I appreciate it, and I wouldn’t have a major problem with them just letting it run on it’s own, driven by automation, discontinuing updates and major patches and moving on to their next project…like roofing or fast food, or whatever.
I would hate for this game to die, and if it lived on like some zombie undead cult game, just floating in the exile of remote cyberspace, I’d be OK with that. I’m here for the build feature not the guns, events, or battle passes. Some of those are cool, but if it’s become too much trouble to maintain physically, I’d be good with them just leaving it on autopilot and letting me play it as it is, as opposed to them shutting it down.

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Very good, take a break dude you’re posting to much nonsense . Get a life forum warrior :rofl:

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Cool new forums.

It’s only for day one. It’s kind of pointless.