I'm getting tired of this. 80% defeat battles. Who is in a similar situation?

Why me :rofl:

Ever since update 2.0, my PVE win rate dropped from 80% to about 50% in 9K+ PS battles. PVP stayed about the same. I do the mimimum required now for dailies then go back to weekly challenges. That may change with the new socialist challenges scheme; we shall see.

ive tried running my drones in a match and it just seems that i always lose on my drone build. when i went to my 3 arbiter 1 aurora build i won 4 in a row. but my drone build was alot different. 10k ps and i won 1 and lost like 15. drones are just so weak to. i use fuzes but they are so incredibly bad now.

I’m also same situation. I also tried with it. Any solution for this. LiveTheOrangeLife


5000 PS pve is 99% win

That sh#t is even more expensive and grindy than gdmn xo.