I'm oficially burned out

I’m off too greener pastures. Crossout is the grind that never ends, the rainbow you can never reach. I’m not quitting the game but I’m definitely not playing this on a daily basis no more. The game is making me sick, can’t believe I have wasted 8000 hours of my life at this non sense.


Hope you feel better (less burnt) soon.

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No I’m burned out for good there is nothing they can do with this game to make me stick around everyday. I’m just gonna do the weekly battlepass challenges and that’s it

I took a few month break a few years ago and came back. The game style just happens to suit me well though. I just look for ~2hr or less of gaming a night though sometimes I even cut that short. I self limit as to not hit that burnout point though. Playing for fun has stipulations attached.

I took 2 years off, didn’t even play the game period whatsoever. I’m not going that far this time but crossout is gonna be like a couple to maybe a few hours per week from this moment forward.

I never stayed away for that long but I will admit sometimes I really get sick of the game too. A few hours later I often find myself back on the game in the middle of the night messing with parts though. If it wasn’t for the build feature I probably would have been done with the game a long time ago.

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I don’t play much during fishing season. I do play, but not daily nor even every week.

What do you fish for?

Whatever I can catch of course!

In the spring bass at the lakes in the valley, summer the upper lakes, rainbow, fall salmon/steelhead in the Okanogan. Then it snows again.

Edit: sometimes a high school buddy comes up and we go to the Columbia. wich are Kamloops, Catfish etc… river monsters.


Love fishing just hardly ever get out any more, most of the time people just bring me fish to cook now. lol

Been there, done that…twice.

Don’t think about the 8 k hours , if it wasn’t in the way you spent, it would be in another thing , they would be spent anyways in another way.

The problem was this.

That’s the premise of any free game, hook the player and with time make him spend money.
I don’t play the market, so, there’s half of that feeling off. But sometimes can get to me.

Chasing after premium ships or the latest releases one after another ( proper fighting builds, not these shitty packs) in quick succession while facing OP shit with no counter play possible or play the market or grinding raids, one can lose sight of the reason one plays in the first place

To blow up some stuff to take the edge off.

Go and rest, hope i will see you soon.

P.s.- Funny thing, I made a couple of cyclones a month ago and i i’m not using them, lacking parking slots promotes builders block.
I’m kinda bored with BFs, so i just did APC wheels and i’m gonna build something with them.

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You should try the buggy wheels there are more interesting pairings with it.

I don’t play PvP anymore since they changed the challenges, I also dedicate a couple of hours a day but only for Raid and PvE just for the daily challenges.
I understand very well the disgust of some players for the progress of XO but we must take into account that the time dedicated to XO, it was for fun and therefore it is not wasted in any case the important thing is to play for fun and stop when you no longer have fun.

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I just try to do a mix, mostly doing CC for pvp. I don’t like to get burned on any one mode so I try do 2:2 med:hard raids and what ever fits around before that. I can normally pack this in to the short time span I play each day with the dailies. Normally I’m spent on the daily given rep boost by the end of it though.

I might stick around and chat a little after that depending on my mood though.

i know but we have few time to play so in a couple of hour i am just able to do patriot and raids…

Like I told hamster earlier I’m just gonna play enough to get 650 lighters per main battlepass and that’s it. That means i got to get my weekly challenges plus one day of daily challenges on top so i can push thru that much and if i feel like playing a little extra once in a while that’s fine too, I’m not that sick of crossout but I’m not letting it consume my entire life no more.

you right, i don’t looking for weekly challenges in this season i don’t like at all the items, just daily for enjoy few time until going piss off LOL

I love doing the BP challenges in a day but there really isn’t any reason that I have to. I only have to keep up with it maybe a day or so away till they shut it off.

And build what with them?

One thing i can say now with certain.
I prefer hermits to BFs… by far, much more useful wheels than BFs .

I started with MGs but they were weak, so i switched to SGs, Spitfires, Leeches, Ruptures, Gobblins, Gremlins, Junbows, Fafnirs, Thunderbolts… I got bored.

Currently i’m on drones, Hawks and sidekicks, they have been my workhorse for a few months now ( cause my mouse is dying I hear often the pling pling, of the connected, disconnected device during a battle).
But i can’t change wheels because of the stupid perk that’s attached to the BFs.
And those are my fastest builds.
I also can say that BFs are weakest part of said builds.

Don’t get me wrong i like buggy wheels, they have decent tonnage and mass

I tried Caucasus, and definitely they are the weakest part of another build ( track build)
They do little damage, doesn’t lock the lock on target properly, team mates blocking and stuff plus the connected/ disconnected of my mouse… yeah… i’ve been ending raids with 5 k damage.
Which leave me with my heavies, which i can’t really take advantage of hermits and buggy wheels.
I also have cyclones and ac-62’s but they are not fully developed projects and if there were i won’t take advantage of those two type of wheels cause play style

What ever you want as long as you don’t repeat that again… Not getting anything even for a momentary pause…