I'm Posting this plague again. Does anyone have a solution?



My internet is working fine with all the other games but crossout is totally unplayable with this lag . Idk why is this happening.

click this link…there is nothing you can do.it’s the server…


Thanks dude

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Chances are they won’t ever fix it as the guy that is in charge of that area insist its everyone else’s internet connection whic is BS.

Lag will not make the match timer countdown start at 10 then proced to go to 9,10,9,8,9,8,7,8 and so on.

I only play this game at this point because there is nothing else like it and the building part is good but they really should work on fixing the terrible meshing on buildings and terrain that often feels like it has arms that grab you and the stupid tonnage bug.

Aldo their attempt to “slow the game down” by making everything easier to hit due to less speed actually speeds up the match as most rides get wrecked with one or 2 shots which is some fault on terrible building and lack of durability on most parts.

I have not spent a dime on this and advise others to do the same untill they fix their mess and not just throw more stuff into the game which usually just causes more in game issues because they refuse to fix up their net code.

Oddly enough playing through my VPN helps some of the issues but they still persist. Just not as often


This lag is so disturbing i think deleting this game would be a good Idea till they fix this cancer

A couple of things:
1 - I’m a lucky one because I have no lag issues at all. On the other hand, if you say using a VPN helps some of the issues, then most probably the culprit is your internet service provider, either locally or regionally. If using a VPN helps, then it points to an issue not related to the game. You might want to look into that.
2 - Crossout is a unique game with many issues. I can tell you that. I whish I could contribute to the game but devs options are questionable and the game is heading not in the right direction, imho. On the other hand, I will never ever support a game in beta version. Have the balls to assume the responsibility to release a stable version and I’ll buy a battlepass right away.

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