Im so glad building is so high skill now!

im so glad we went from actually having thought process when building to spamming fucking bumpers woohoo devs you go!!!


This is new??

This has pretty much been forever on Xbox.

Yeah I’m no fan of spaced-armor builds. Never saw one that looked like anything but a moving scrapyard. Never touch the stuff, myself…

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Sweet treat for anyone able to exploit low cab hp on those things.

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Bumpe spamming is a matter concerning more, guess what builds, drum roll…HOVERS!

The design is going to be this for those movement parts because they exploit the fact they can easily chose their angle of engagement…

Hovers are no longer the untouchable broken bullcrap they were 2 months ago but breaker, scorpion, porcupine and maybe punisher hovers are still at the top of the most effective builds in the game.

Some spider builds do that as well but far from the same effectiveness.

Kami cabin and scorpions is what is keeping the game back in terms of balance at the moment, but given their recent changes actually mean something for the first time after a year, there might be light at the end of the tunel.